Apparently, three is not a crowd when it comes to song and dance. Fresh off that slap from last week’s Glee, Santana and Rachel try to make Starchild and Kurt pick sides when it comes to their band. Meanwhile, Will and Emma are trying to get pregnant, while Blaine, Tina and Sam just want to make the most of the rest of their senior year.

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Trying to Make Senior Year Memories

I guess all is forgiven after last week’s valedictorian battle with Blaine coming out on top, since all Tina does in this 10th episode of Glee is cry. She cries after she sings “Jumpin’ Jumpin'” by Destiny’s Child with Blaine and Sam. She cries when she sees them trying on gowns and she cries when Sue cancels the impromptu senior lock-in they were planning. In fact, the only time she’s not crying is when she’s sticking her tongue down Sam’s throat. But I’m getting ahead of myself.

In an effort to prove to Tina that they will stay friends after they graduate, Blaine suggests they go ahead with the lock-in with just the three of them to make an epic memory to share forever. However, the party gets crashed when Becky arrives right after they sing the awesome Simple Minds song “Don’t You (Forget About Me).” It’s when Blaine tries to escape Becky’s craziness that he catches Tina and Sam hooking up and gets upset with them. Don’t worry, though, he forgives them in time to sing “Hold On” by Wilson Phillips.

Meanwhile, Will and Emma are trying to conceive, and apparently are having trouble, as they only have a certain window of opportunity to do it, which means getting it on in the faculty bathroom. Sue is not only not happy about it, but she is repulsed by it. I don’t know, if that happened in a real school, those teachers would be fired. But she just berates them and then almost vomits. Back at their home, Will calms Emma down to help her relax and they sing “Danny’s Song” by Loggins and Messina during their date night.

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You’re Out of the Band

It was the slap heard ’round the world. Okay, maybe not the world, but you get my drift. Rachel goes crying to Starchild and tells him she was “kicked out.” He agrees to let her stay with him, as he needs help with his rent anyway. (Something I won’t understand is how these people can even afford to live in awesome apartments in New York. Even with two other roommates, they would never have a place that big.) Rachel is thrilled to have a new best gay, much to the dismay of Starchild. However, he’s not that upset when he suggests they sing “Barracuda” by Heart together.

Later on, when Starchild is picking up something at Rachel’s old place, he runs into Santana, who informs him that she’s out to make Rachel’s life hell. She then tries to turn him against her too. It all comes to a head at the diner when Rachel is asked to sing “Gloria” by Laura Branigan to some customers. She grabs Starchild to perform, and Santana rushes up to the stage too for an awesome sing-off. After the song, the girls want Starchild to pick who is the better singer. He one-ups them and says he’s quitting Pamela Lansbury because of all the drama.

Back at the apartment, the girls still refuse to make up, so Kurt kicks them out of the band and starts a band with just Dani (Demi Lovato) and Starchild, called One Three Hill (best band name ever). That group performs “The Happening” by The Supremes for a small crowd at a lounge.

And just when you think Rachel and Santana might make up when they actually start talking instead of insulting each other, they both inform the other three that them being friends won’t happen anytime soon.

Oh, the drama! I wonder how long the Rachel and Santana saga will continue. Though I have to say it’s a much more interesting plot than the same old “What are we performing at nationals?” storyline. Oh yeah, I forgot to mention that nationals is next week. But then again, I feel like everyone has forgotten that it’s a show about a Glee club anymore. In fact, sometimes when I watch Glee, I forget that it’s about high school, with the fast-talking witty banter and songs from the ’80s and ’90s that the characters singing them probably shouldn’t know.

It’s funny, though, when Emma tells Will she’s pregnant and he asks, “You’re not just faking it, right? Because the last time someone told me they were pregnant, they were lying.” I had totally forgotten about that storyline with Will and his crazy ex-wife faking that pregnancy to keep him. I was actually semi-excited for Will, as he’s been wanting kids forever.

I do love Demi Lovato and Adam Lambert on the show. It really brings out that star power and better vocals to the numbers. And yes, I kind of do want to know what the group will be singing for nationals next week.

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