Hoping to find out more about his missing time, Castle headed to Los Angeles with Alexis and Hayley in Castle season 8 episode 14, “The G.D.S.” While there, he was recruited to compete for a spot in the legendary Greatest Detective Society (pitting him against Firefly‘s Summer Glau).

Here’s what Castle uncovered about his missing time in “The G.D.S.”

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Castle Left a Watch with the Owner of a Korean Restaurant

Castle 814 1.jpgWhen he couldn’t pay, he offered the watch up in place and said he’d come back for it. It’s a knock-off, Castle realized upon seeing it, and while he didn’t recognize it, he bought it back because it was his only clue.

Thanks to Alexis’ Counter-Surveillance Precautions, They Discover the Watch Is Bugged

There’s a GPS transmitter hard-wired to the battery.

Alexis’ Refusal to Let a Possible Lead Go Ends with Hayley Admitting Her Involvement

The GPS tracker led to Malcolm McCabe, special forces, and when Alexis went to talk to his aunt, she saw a photo of him and Hayley.

Hayley Met Castle a Year and a Half Earlier Than He Thought

Castle 814 2.jpgAs she revealed to him, he had begged her not to tell him. She had been doing freelance work for MI-6, and Castle’s father, Jackson, turned to her to keep an eye out on Castle in Los Angeles. Castle had been sticking his nose where it didn’t belong.

Castle Went Rogue After His Mission in Thailand

Instead of going home, he came to L.A. Hayley borrowed the GPS tracker to keep track of him, but when he gave the watch away, she lost him.

By the Time Hayley Found Castle Again, He’d Been Shot

He wouldn’t say who shot him but did mention his CIA handler by name, Jenkins, and said he was going to ask him to erase everything that happened to him.

Castle Tasked Hayley with Showing Him a Video He Recorded for Himself If He Went Looking for the Truth

Castle 814 3.jpg“If you are seeing this, then you are an idiot because you are trying to figure out what happened to you in Los Angeles. What you discovered about Bracken’s partnership with LokSat is too dangerous to pursue,” Castle warned himself in the video. “I was shot trying to figure out where LokSat’s plane was landing tonight. I barely escaped without being identified. I am erasing our mind for a reason, to protect Kate. Because if she found out, then she will die. So do not tell her what you discovered in Los Angeles, for her sake.”

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