Freeform’s first procedural drama is back for an all-new and exciting second season. The premiere of Stitchers¬†season 2 is full of drama, new and improved characters and the same banter we know and love. We last left our group of Stitchers in emotional turmoil as they stood around a flat-lining Cameron after his epic sacrifice to find out the truth. We pick up the new season right here where we left off.

The Threat to the Program

We’re thrown right back into the thick of it and the Stitchers stand around anxiously as the doctors work to bring Cameron back to life. Meanwhile, Kirsten panics and feels fear for the first time that she can remember as she anticipates losing Cameron. Cameron passes away and the doctors call his time of death. Kirsten freaks out at this and insists that they try again one more time. Maggie approves it and the doctors try again. Nothing happens. Kirsten breaks down and buries her face in Cameron’s chest. Suddenly, Cameron’s arm moves. He asks Kirsten to please tell him that they got the license plate. She laughs and says no and Cameron jokes that he’s not going to do this again. He later asks Kirsten what she saw when she was in her head. Kirsten reminisces on the many memories of herself which showed her that Cameron loved her and the shocking memory, that Cameron and Kirsten had met as children. Just as she’s about to tell him about it all, he falls asleep.

Meanwhile, Maggie and Turner talk about Cameron’s recovery and the risk that the entire ordeal was. Maggie is furious that Turner would allow Cameron to do this. She also reveals that Turner told Maggie to tell Kirsten “anything but the truth” about the real purpose of the Stitchers program. She asks why he said that and Turner is just as vague as ever. They then move on to the matter of Turner not caring about sacrificing a few of the Stitchers if it can mean furthering Human evolution, the true purpose of the Stitchers program. He says he’s willing to kill a few people if it means saving six billion. Maggie responds with a threat, by she’s willing to kill one person if it means saving 19.

(Almost) Everyone’s Feeling Better

Kirsten goes to visit Cameron at the hospital again and is surprised to see that he’s out of bed and completely back to his perky self already. As Cameron puts it, “death agrees with me.” Meanwhile, Kirsten is struggling to understand why she suddenly is experiencing feelings like a normal person now. She felt fear for Cameron, sadness and possibly even love. The two of them meet up with Linus and go visit Fisher in the other room. He, too, is feeling much better but unfortunately is still bed-ridden. Cameron thanks Fisher for jumping to save his life at the restaurant and calls him a friend. The happiness of seeing these two survive is abruptly halted by the (sort of ) unexpected death — Turner has been killed.


When Turner dies, the group gets together to enter his brain. The lab is now home to some new faces as well. With Turner’s death, NSA security has really picked up around the lab, making work a little more difficult. This isn’t the only change to the Stitchers unit. Kirsten gets a brand new flashy suit as well. The actual purpose of the new suit doesn’t seem to exist, and even Cameron points out that because Kirsten feels more badass in it, she will be. Clearly just an excuse to spruce up the suit for the new season, but whatever. It does look pretty badass.

Kirsten enters Turner’s memories, but they’re all shattered and confusing — how surprising. The group speculates if the reason for this is that Turner intentionally “scrambled” his brain to make himself “unstitchable.” An answer is never clearly given. The memories prove too difficult to learn anything from, and the only takeaways are the number 163 and the scent of incense. Apparently Kirsten has sense-memory abilities now as well. This isn’t the only change to the Stitching process. Kirsten comes out of Turner’s brain and immediately has to throw up from bouncing out. That’s new.

Kirsten and Cameron 2.0

Kirsten still struggles to understand what’s going on with her newfound feelings. She talks about it with Cameron and speculates on a theory — since she lost her feelings and gained temporal dysplasia as a result of being stitched into a live person (her mother), maybe doing it again with Cameron fixed this for her. Cameron agrees that this is a likely reason for this. Kirsten isn’t sure she’s comfortable with these new feelings and struggles to see how she’ll manage them. We can already see her going from sad to scared to angry quite drastically throughout the episode.

Cameron and Kirsten talk about not only the changes that Kirsten has undergone, but Cameron as well. Kirsten worries after seeing Cameron be a little reckless lately that he’s changing and becoming someone unpredictable. Cameron explains that since he came back from the death, he’s not going to let fear hold him back anymore. This change is positive, just like the one Kirsten is going through, he assures her. “Cameron 2.0,” he says. Kirsten remains uncertain.

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Round 2 in Turner’s Head

After the time has passed, the Stitchers try again to get some answers from Turner’s scrambled brain. Linus and Cameron work together to come up with a way to piece it back together so that Kirsten can see who pulled the trigger. While the shapes are still in pieces in Turner’s brain, it’s looking to Kirsten as if Maggie is the one who killed him. The group along with the NSA security look at Maggie who immediately denies it and tells Kirsten to keep looking. With only a couple of minutes left on the clock, the NSA tries to apprehend Maggie. She holds a gun to one of them and tells Kirsten to keep looking while the team tries to piece it together. Eventually they do, and Kirsten makes out that, while she can’t see who it was who killed him, it for sure wasn’t Maggie. I guess that’s helpful for Maggie. Not so much for Turner.

Level 163

After the mess is sorted out and Maggie is cleared of suspicion, Kirsten regroups with Camille on all the “cray” (Camille’s words) stuff that went down today. Kirsten is still feeling worried about this whole feelings thing and Camille is amused that she’s using the phrase “I feel,” something not normally heard from Kirsten. Camille tells her not to worry. Most people, herself included, don’t always manage emotions very well. What usually helps her is a good meal and a few glasses of wine. She tells Kirsten that they should go home and attend to that immediately. On the elevator out of the building, they pass level 163 and Kirsten instinctively stops it. This is the number she first saw in Turner’s memories. They get off at this level to a freezing cold room and a covered body laying on a table in the middle. Kirsten pulls back the cover and discovers that it’s the body of Ed Clark.

Everyone’s Got Secrets

The girls bring Cameron and Maggie down to see this and Kirsten is furious. She never got a chance to go into Ed’s memories to find out the truth about his murder (and her own past) because of Maggie and she was told that Ed was cremated. Maggie assures her that this was what Turner had told her and she had no idea about this. Cameron mentions that the idea of stitching into a frozen body like this had been discussed in theory between him and Turner. Kirsten accuses him of knowing about this and doesn’t trust what Cameron says. Kirsten insists that she’s going to get to the bottom of Ed’s memories this time.

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Cameron later insists to Kirsten that he had no idea about Ed and he’s been nothing but honest with her. Kirsten tells him that everyone has secrets, why should he be any different? Cameron challenges this by reminding her that she was inside his head and asks what she found in there that he was keeping from her. Kirsten remembers again, all of the memories in Cameron’s head about her. Still, she chooses not to bring this up and tells him there was nothing. Later, Kirsten has a memory flashback to her childhood. She grabs a mug from the cupboard that reads “World’s Greatest Dad” and flashes back to that same mug when it belonged to her father. Kirsten as a little girl sees her father’s neck with a little bit of shaving cream and tells him he missed a spot. He playfully takes it off and taps it on her nose. Kirsten smells the shaving cream and asks what the smell is. Her father responds, “that is sandalwood. Do you like it?” Present-day Kirsten stands in shock in her kitchen and drops the mug to the floor. What does this memory mean? Will there be more flashbacks to her childhood? Are these memories coming back a part of her new, more human state?

Stitchers season 2 airs Tuesdays at 10pm on Freeform.

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