Season 2 of Freeform’s first-ever procedural drama Stitchers begins on March 22. Its freshman season took some time to find its footing and develop characters into people the audience could care about. However, by the finale, fans were fully invested and clinging to their seats to not only see Kirsten Clark try and find her own humanity, but to get to the bottom of her mysterious past. While holding the fun of a procedural drama, Stitchers also keeps Kirsten’s story as an underlying theme that continues all season long. This story continues in season 2 and wastes no more time with drawn out character introductions. We know who we’re dealing with, and finally the TV show moves at the faster pace and with the growth of characters we’ve been waiting to see. Check out our review of Stitchers season 2.

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Higher Stakes, Deeper Characters

What’s great about Stitchers season 2 is that the show is taking much bigger risks now. We already know what Kirsten is after and are still learning what the Stitchers program’s actual purpose is. The new season offers us new challenges for the former and all sorts of shocking answers to the latter. The shtick of Kirsten’s emotionless demeanor has worn off and Stichers knew it before we did. In season 2, Kirsten instead struggles with feeling every emotion she was never able to before (all of them). This new challenge proves difficult for Kirsten, who now sees not only the benefits of having feelings, but the many pitfalls as well — heartbreak, mistrust and disappointment, to name a few.

More than just Kirsten, we get to see some more backstories into the lives of Linus, Fisher, Camille and the mysterious and seemingly untrustworthy Maggie. Nothing is as it seems for anyone in the Stitchers unit. Even the loving and sarcastic Cameron has some skeletons in his closet.

The Focus on Relationships

Things are also heating up between our favorite scientists, developers and agents. Yes, we saw a lot of budding relationships and potential for more in season 1, but season 2 pays much more attention to that. Let’s just say that it’s a lot more than Kirsten and Cameron’s risky work life that gets in the way of their potential relationship this season and the same can be said for Linus and Camille.

If season 1 was a season of introduction, season 2 is a season of self-reflection. The show now spends a lot of time looking at how these characters can grow together but also drift apart. Thankfully, they don’t just keep the attention for this on Kirsten either. Particularly, Camille almost takes on Kirsten’s role from season 1 by now being the one to pull away emotionally from the group. It becomes interesting to see the dynamics of the Stitchers completely change as relationships evolve and disassemble.

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The Growth Since Season 1

Stitchers has really grown a lot since its freshman season. For almost the entire run of the drama’s first season, it seemed to struggle to find its central theme as well as give us interest to keep coming back. Especially for another season. Dragging the mystery of Kirsten’s background and Ed Clark’s murder out seems to be the safe bet for the series for now, but luckily it’s still taking some risks. We’ve moved passed the surface-level characters and taken the relationships that were just budding in season 1 and pushing them to all new levels. Not only in the love stories of Kirsten and Cameron or Linus and Camille, but in the friendships that grow, shake and break as well.

Trust plays just as important a role in this season as the last, but in many different ways. Not only is there a question of trust between Kirsten and the Stitchers program, but that overflows into the personal relationships of the Stitchers as well. The strong focus on character growth and exploring the trials and tribulations of these relationships even further is really something season 2 is honing in on. It seems that they’ve realized that, as cool as it is to watch this futuristic crime-solving team do their thing, it doesn’t have room to grow past that without giving us a reason to care about these people.

Stitchers season 2 premieres Tuesday, March 22 at 10pm on Freeform.

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