At the risk of alienating some readers, I’ve always been a supporter of gay marriage, and it’s clear Grey’s Anatomy is too. Last night’s episode which featured Callie and Arizona’s big day beautifully illustrated the arguments in favor of gay marriage.

The wedding was almost ruined by Callie’s mom, who finally expressed her displeasure at her daughter’s choices, condemning the lesbian wedding and her out-of-wedlock baby, even claiming that she was sad she wouldn’t see her daughter in Heaven. Mother’s Day is just around the corner, and I feel confident in saying that Callie’s mom doesn’t deserve a card or flowers.

Then Bailey came to the rescue with a great speech about how God is everywhere and if two people want to commit themselves to one another forever in the eyes of God, it’s a good thing. She also expressed God’s compassion for all people, claiming that anyone who doesn’t support gay marriage “hasn’t caught up to God yet.”

But the real argument came when Grey’s Anatomy beautifully juxtaposed Callie and Arizona’s more traditional ceremony with Derek and Meredith’s quickie marriage just so they could adopt a baby. MerDer, who’ve been faked married on a Post-It for a while, finally made it official by running down to the courthouse and standing in front of a judge.

Their marriage was as cold and monotonous as waiting in line at the DMV. They presented ID to the judge, said the court-approved vows and signed some papers. Then the judge stamped the papers, stapled them together and called next like a butcher. Meanwhile, Callie and Arizona professed their love for one another.

Sadly, one of those marriages is legal and one isn’t. Grey’s Anatomy perfectly illustrated the fact that the legal institution of marriage is little more than a formal contract, having nothing to do with love or commitment or God. Marriage for Meredith and Derek was as easy as signing some documents, like buying a new car.

That’s the argument for gay marriage. For years the battle has been waged on a religious playing field, but religion has no place in the debate. Legal marriage is a contract where a judge puts his stamp of approval on it, giving the couple certain rights. There’s no rational reason not to let gay couples do exactly what Meredith and Derek did.

Grey’s Anatomy wasn’t pushing a gay agenda, it was pushing a logical agenda. Anyone who looked at the two weddings, side-by-side, would naturally conclude Callie and Arizona’s was the “real” one, the embodiment of everything people think marriage is supposed to be. Why, then, should they be denied the same rights that Meredith and Derek get simply by signing some papers?

So thank you, Grey’s Anatomy, for dealing with the truth about gay marriage and for making the perfect argument for why it should be legal.

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