So to be honest, my gut reaction to this Grey’s Anatomy episode was … meh?  Maybe my expectations were too high after last week’s stellar outing, but I found “Love, Loss, and Legacy” to be pretty weak on the whole. There were some good moments and some very funny lines, but the parts never quite came together in this one.  My thoughts:

1.  Not Enough Big Three

I know this is an ensemble show…blah, blah, blah…but there wasn’t enough Meredith, Cristina and Alex in this episode of Grey’s Anatomy. Or Derek. Or Owen. Interestingly, if I analyze the screen time objectively there wasn’t really too much of anyone. Instead, it was one of those GA episodes (and they come around from time to time) that give us a little bit of everyone and not enough of anyone. I find it unsatisfying. I’ll say it again. This show works best when we have MerDer, CO, and Alex Karev at the forefront and everyone else in supporting roles.  

2.  Not Enough Payoff

What was up with Teddy and Henry’s dinner party? There were multiple mentions of it throughout the episode. We even heard about it ahead of time in the press release. Yet in actuality we saw about thirty seconds of the party. Really? Talk about fizzle.

3.  Life is Rough

Poor Miranda. Torn between Hottie #1: Eli and Hottie #2: Ben. Putting aside for a moment that it’s slightly shocking to see the show’s “moral compass” engaging in these escapades, I will voice my opinion right now and say with authority, “You GO, Bailey!”  I really, really, really hope we haven’t seen the last of Eli because this is one triangle I could actually enjoy watching.

4.  Is Shonda Trying to Kill Us?

OK, so she gets points for hot Owen and Cristina kitchen sex. I’ll give her that. But having Owen watch Cristina be all loving and sweet and downright maternal with Zola? That’s just unkind. Yes, I know. Favorite Aunt does not equal Wants To Be A Mom. Having said that, I will reiterate:  the fallout from Cristina’s abortion is far from over and at some point Cristina and Owen are going to have to both face and talk about what happened. Anyone else think that Cristina may end up regretting the abortion and/or reconsidering and agreeing to have a child (probably just one) with Owen? Hmmm…

5.  The MerDer of it All…

Like Cristina and Owen, Meredith and Derek are trying to put themselves back together, only to end up back at square one. My heart really broke for them tonight as they were on the outside looking in during Zola’s medical crisis. And how about that “Itsy Bitsy Spider”? Sigh.  Come on! They need their baby back!

6.  Jackson’s Mom

Well, we finally got some back story on Jackson. His force-of-nature mother, world class urologist, Catherine Avery, blew into town and stirred things up big time.  I wished I cared, but I really don’t.   Sorry. 

In related news, when will Chyler Leigh be back from her extended summer vacation? We’ve seen Lexie for all of three minutes this season. Alas, her return will probably be a mixed blessing. I’m on Team Jackson and if tonight’s Anvil of the Week is any indication, Team Mark has hope on the horizon. Enough, already! Lexie, choose one of them. Seriously.

7. Random Wrapping Up

Let’s see. What’s still dangling out there? Richard keeps trying to broker a truce between Bailey and Meredith. Yeah, that’s not gonna end well. Arizona wants to be legal for Sofia. I’m good with that. And one of these days things are going to finally go better for April, right? I hope so, because this whole Bumbling Chief Resident thing is really getting old, as is the World’s Last Virgin Storyline. It’s time to move on.  

Speaking of which, the next all-new episode of Grey’s Anatomy, “Poker Face” (directed by Kevin McKidd) airs Thursday, October 20 on ABC.

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Janalen Samson

Contributing Writer, BuddyTV