Is Briggs a bad guy on Graceland? In “Bag Man,” he played a dangerous game that put him and his teammates’ lives at risk. Is he a dirty agent? Throughout this mission, the answer shifted through all different shades of gray. In the end, it appears his true intentions may not be quite as nefarious as first appeared. 

When Mike was first assigned to investigate Briggs, it appeared that something was off with the notorious agent. Briggs was always watchful of Mike and showed concern over the reason for his appointment to Graceland. That was enough to make him suspect.

When Briggs came clean about his addiction to Mike it was a distressing story, but that didn’t clear Briggs for the missing drugs. If anything, that made him even more suspect. And, his guilt was proved when he revealed himself as Odin to Bello.

The mysterious Odin is now in play with Bello and that has put Briggs’ fellow agents at risk. The Caza Cartel is not at all happy with the competition from a new player in town. When Caza attacked Bello, Mike stepped it up and proved his value to his new employer and became more deeply integrated into his cover.

That came at a huge cost though for Mike. As a law enforcement officer, he had to watch a man be tortured and think of a way to save the attacker’s life. Mike may not have saved the guy’s hand (Bello is a brutal man!), but he kept Bello from killing him. Mike acted swiftly and brilliantly, but he lost a little bit of his heart and soul.

Briggs’ secret identity was constantly at risk of being exposed. Mike isn’t the only one who is on to Briggs, now Charlie is also. If Johnnie hadn’t outed Charlie’s suspicions to Briggs, perhaps they would have caught him.

The key to the mystery was in something the captured Caza guy said. He told Bello and Mike that they weren’t safe — Jangles would get them. Cha-Ching! That’s what this is all about. Briggs hasn’t turned to the dark side!

When Briggs said that Odin didn’t care about the money, he was telling the truth. Briggs isn’t selling the drugs for his own personal financial gain. Instead, it appears he’s running either a rogue or black operation of his own. Could it be sanctioned by someone at the FBI? Or, is he doing this on his own?

Either way, Briggs has gone deep undercover as Odin in order to draw out Jangles and get payback for what happened to him. The question is: Will he out himself to the other Graceland agents as Odin?

I hope he does. If he doesn’t, he’s putting them all at risk. Briggs is out there all on his own with no back-up. He needs them as much as they need him. In this case, honesty is the best option. Charlie, Johnnie and especially Mike would back if up if they only knew the truth.

At least Briggs paid a little for his actions when Mike broke a few ribs. Perhaps, his injury will give him away or force him to reveal his true plans.

Do you think Briggs has gone bad? Or, is he running a rogue or black operation to bring down Jangles and the Caza Cartel? Should he tell out himself to his roommates?

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