The New York side of Pearson Darby faced a “Conflict of Interest” on this week’s Suits which revealed the true motivations and loyalties of the parties involved. Jessica showed how ruthless she could be when her pride took over, Louis remained loyal to the firm, while Harvey stuck by his client.

Oh, Jessica! I never thought I’d dislike her so much, but it’s happened. She’s gone from a fierce, competitive, and smart managing partner to one who is driven by her resentment of the deal that she made.

After she beat Hardman and took back the firm, Jessica became too driven by her desire to be the biggest and best of New York that she lost sight of what she’d be giving up. In exchange for her independence, she got money and now she’s paying the price. And, she’s not handling the cost very well at all.

Despite Harvey’s underhanded deals with Darby, at this point, he probably would be a better managing partner than Jessica. I never expected that to happen. Harvey is driven by success but he derives that from winning for his clients, while Jessica is out to try and stick it to Darby.

In the end, perhaps the only way to save Hessington Oil from a takeover was to force Ava out of the company, but that move still wouldn’t guarantee it. Didn’t Ava deserve the opportunity to try to save herself and her company? They all believed that other than Jessica and Louis’ loyalty to her forced his hand.

Ava’s recorded practice deposition was a huge turning point. She didn’t do it. She’s not the ruthless oil executive that’s only out to make more money. Instead, she showed her humanity and desire to make the world a better place. That was a shocking revelation.

Michelle Fairley was brilliant in that scene. The emotional impact of Ava’s reveal on the toughest lawyers around was unexpected to witness. In that moment, Ava became a sympathetic character and one to support.

The fallout from Jessica’s actions is going to detrimental to her. Jessica may have won the battle and nicked Darby’s armor a bit, but she’s going to pay a price for her action. It can’t be long before Harvey is named Managing Partner and Jessica is pushed aside. There is no way that Darby is going to stand by her now.

Odds and Ends

  • What an opening sequence! I watched Harvey and Louis’ run multiple times. Harvey looks good in any type of suit, even a black jogging one.
  • Mike’s British accent was quite impressive. A brilliant way to take care of the journalist.
  • Donna and Stephen! Their witty, flirtatious banter was delicious to watch. Though, I can’t believe she skipped out on the show!
  • Katrina was actually a bit likable when she worked with Louis and Mike. She actually was a team player. I almost believe she doesn’t have an angle that she’s playing. Almost.
  • Louis has always craved Jessica’s attention. Will Jessica and Harvey on the outs, Louis has stepped in to be her hatchet man. He may be getting what he wants in the short term, but siding with Jessica will likely end in a bad way.
  • Louis and Katrina have amazing work chemistry. She’s the perfect associate for him … for now. I still expect that she’ll end up betraying him at this point, though I’d prefer for her to gain some sense of loyalty to him.
  • Louis and Mike got outplayed by the investment bankers. A rare loss.
  • Donna’s decision to keep her relationship with Stephen a secret from Harvey was probably a good idea, but it will come back to hurt her. Harvey is all about loyalty and he’ll probably see that relationship as a betrayal. Though, it will most likely depend on whether Stephen is there to help or hurt Harvey attain the managing partner position.
  • Mike and Rachel declared their love for each other! And, kissed in the office! Aww! A little something honest and sweet to end the episode.

Did Jessica make the right call regarding Ava and Hessington Oil? Or, should Ava have been given the opportunity to save her job? Do you side with Harvey or Jessica? Is Darby the bad guy? Or, was it Jessica’s mistake to merge when she wasn’t willing to give up the control?

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