In last week’s episode of Gotham, we learned a bit more about Bullock, thanks to a past case involving his former partner. Also, Cat grabbed something from the Wayne mansion and Gordon was arrested for Oswald’s “murder,” only for Oswald to arrive at the station very much alive.

In this week’s episode of Gotham, “Penguin’s Umbrella,” Gordon has to deal with the consequences of not killing Oswald, while Oswald turns out to have friends in interesting places. As always, please let me know if I miss any moments of foreshadowing or overlook the introduction of an important comics character. Read on to find out if Gotham delivers the corruption and creepiness we have come to expect.

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Fish and Falcone vs. Gordon

When Fish learns that Oswald is alive, she orders her men to bring Gordon to her. Fish’s men try holding Barbara hostage to get Gordon to cooperate, but Gordon quickly outwits them and sends Barbara out of town.

Gordon then heads into work because he will not be threatened and also because he might have a death wish. Captain Essen tries to get him to leave, but Gordon wants arrest warrants for Falcone and the mayor. Gordon says his testimony is enough to indict them on several charges of conspiracy in relation to the Wayne murder case. Before Gordon can find out if anyone will help him with those warrants, Falcone’s people show up.

Victor, Falcone’s man, gets all of the other cops to leave the station so he and Gordon can have a gunfight. Gordon is losing said fight — and has the gunshot wounds to prove it — until Montoya and Allen show up. Montoya and Allen rescue Gordon because they really are the good cops they have always claimed to be. I knew I liked them for a reason.

Montoya and Allen take Gordon somewhere to get patched up, and Montoya and Gordon clear the air. Montoya apologizes for going after him and not seeing the truth because of her feelings for Barbara. I do not know if Gordon really wants to forgive Montoya or if he is just desperate for allies, but things are good between them, at least for the time being.

Falcone Threatens Barbara

Gordon is still determined to bring Falcone and the mayor to justice, and Bullock eventually joins in on the action. First, they get the mayor alone and place him under arrest. Then they use the mayor to gain entry into Falcone’s home. But before they can arrest Falcone, or at least go down in a blaze of glory trying to bring him in, Falcone reveals his leverage.

Unbeknownst to Gordon, Barbara returned to town and went straight to Falcone to plead for Gordon’s life. Victor is now holding Barbara hostage and will kill her if Gordon tries to take Falcone in. Gordon and Bullock stand down and Barbara is released. Falcone then decides to spare their lives, claiming that Gordon’s belief in his word is enough to suggest there is still hope for him. Gordon asks Falcone what the catch is for letting them live, but Falcone just spills some nonsense about Gordon eventually realizing that Falcone is right about the way things work in Gotham.

Maroni and Falcone Make a Deal

Earlier in the episode, Fish and Falcone have a disagreement over how to deal with Oswald. Falcone is not concerned about his continued survival, but Fish insists that Oswald knows too much to be allowed to live. Fish wants to take him back from Maroni, but Falcone tells her to meet with Maroni and ask him to hand Oswald over. Fish begrudgingly does as she’s told, but the meeting goes about as well as you would expect. Fish promises there will be bloodshed and lets Oswald know that she has some truly horrible things planned for him.

When Maroni refuses to give Oswald up, Falcone has his people intercept Maroni’s shipment and they intend to keep doing that to every shipment until Oswald is returned to them. Maroni does not respond well to this and Oswald is able to push him into attacking Falcone directly.

Oswald leads Maroni’s men to a major pay day and also manages to get rid of Maroni’s right-hand man, Frankie. Frankie has never been fond of Oswald, so Oswald turns the tables on him and kills Frankie after getting his men to betray him. Nikolai, Fish’s lover and partner in the plan to take down Falcone, is also killed.

Later, Maroni and Falcone meet up to settle their differences. Falcone offers to let Maroni keep Oswald, so long as Maroni gives him something in return. Maroni offers to give Falcone part of the Arkham deal, though Fish says it is worth nothing. Falcone takes the deal anyway.

Oswald Plays Them All

In the show’s best twist yet, we learn that the real reason Falcone let Gordon live is because Oswald asked him to. You see, Oswald and Falcone have been working together from the beginning. The night Oswald was revealed as a traitor, he and Falcone made a deal. Oswald asked Falcone to give Gordon the order to kill him, as Oswald knew that Gordon would be likely to let him live. If Gordon did spare his life, Oswald promised to return to Gotham, work his way into Maroni’s organization and become Falcone’s snitch. In exchange for Falcone giving Gordon the order, Oswald told Falcone that Fish and Nikolai were plotting to overthrow him and take over the organization.

Everything plays out exactly as Oswald said it would, but Falcone is still worried about Gordon. Oswald promises his boss that Gordon will see the light, one way or another.

The Oswald-Falcone scene is the perfect way to end the show’s best episode to date. This is the first episode to truly connect all of the show’s many sub-plots and that last-minute reveal changes things up in an interesting way. Here’s hoping the writers can keep up the momentum established in this episode.

Other Happenings

— Knowing that his time might be running out, Gordon pays a visit to Bruce to make sure Bruce is taken care of. Gordon introduces Bruce and Alfred to Montoya and Allen, saying that they will take over the Wayne murder case if he is no longer around. Alfred offers to help Gordon, but Gordon does not want to put anyone else in harm’s way. In a touching moment, Bruce hugs Gordon before he leaves, probably afraid he will never see Gordon again. It is a nice moment and also one of the few times I have bought into the Gordon-Bruce bond.

— In a very minor sub-plot, Liza is now cooking and cleaning for Falcone, instead of sleeping with him as Fish planned. Liza is still spying on Falcone for Fish, but how long will it be until Falcone brings Liza over to his side or gets rid of her altogether?

What did you think of this week’s episode of Gotham? Why was it so important to Falcone that Gordon take him at his word? Was that just an excuse to let Gordon live or does Falcone really want Gordon to trust him? Did Barbara really return to town to plead for Gordon’s life or is there more to the story? I find it hard to believe that Barbara thought she could reason with Falcone and get him to spare Gordon. Is it possible she has some leverage on Falcone we do not yet know about? Now that Falcone has dealt with Nikolai, what does he plan to do with Fish? Let us know your thoughts in the comments section.

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