Just when it seems like things can’t get worse, they do. The 100 Season 3 Episode 10, “The Fallen,” saw a mother turn on her son, siblings at odds and ALIE risk one of her own to get what she wanted. It was another brutal installment pushing people to their breaking points.

Check out the best lines and exchanges from “Fallen.”

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Bellamy: “Where’s Lincoln?”
Octavia: “Pike put a bullet in his brain.”

“You’re dead to me.”
– Octavia to Bellamy

Ontari: “Roan said not to let you out of my sight until he got back.”
Murphy: “We’re on the 50th floor, where am I gonna go?”
¬†Murphy: “I’m just saying a real Commander wouldn’t be afraid.”
Ontari: “I AM a real Commander.”

Arrow_418_00016.pngJaha: “Raven is with us.”
Jasper: “That’s not creepy at all.”

“I think much better without a collar.”
– Murphy

Octavia: “To stop me, you’re gonna have to kill me.”
Bellamy: “She hopes it’s a trap.”
Octavia: “He’s coming too. We need a hostage to trade for Monty.”
Kane: “It’s a good plan. He stays chained. Gag him.”

“He’s the enemy.”
– Kane about Bellamy

Raven: “If I’m right, it will fry whatever ALIE put in there without damaging the tissue.”
Jasper: “What if you’re wrong?”
Raven: “If I was wrong, ALIE wouldn’t be looking at me right now like I just stole her favorite toy.”

The100_310_00018.pngALIE: “Why Raven? With everything I can do for you? Why would you do this?”
Raven: “Because you stole my memories, you crazy bitch!”

“I deserve this throne. I was raised for it. Snatched from my parents by the Queen of Azgeda. I suffered her cruelty. I won the conclave. The ambassadors don’t get to judge me and neither do you!”
– Ontari

Murphy: “I can help you sell this lie. Like it or not, Ontari, a fake Commander needs a fake Flamekeeper.”
Ontari: “I’m listening.”

“You son of a bitch.”
– Octavia to Bellamy

The100_310_00019.png“My sister. My responsibility.”
– Bellamy

Abby: “What you’re doing is stealing people’s minds.”
Jaha: “You’re wrong. We’re freeing their minds.”

Abby: “I don’t care if you torture me, I will never take the key.”
ALIE (through Raven): “Who said anything about torture?”
Abby: “What are you doing?”
ALIE (through Raven): “Giving you a choice.”
Abby: “No, no, no, no, no.”

Murphy: “We talked about restraint.”
Ontari: “You told me not to kill anyone.”
Murphy: “Next time, I’ll be more specific.”

The100_310_00015.png“We bring you Chancellor Pike from Skaikru. Take him. Lift this blockade.”
– Bellamy to the Grounders

Kane: “Did you do this for your sister or because it was the right thing to do?”
Bellamy: “You’re welcome.”
Kane: “It matters. Until you see that, you’ll still be lost.”

“Jus drein jus daun”
– Octavia

“I’m tired and hungry. No more meetings. Bring me wine.”
– Ontari

Ontari: “I don’t trust you.”
Murphy: “Hmm. I have to say I’m a little hurt by that.”
Ontari (after taking off her shirt): “How about now?”
Murphy: “Now, I’m a little less hurt.”

The100_310_00020.png“Oooh, the things I do to survive.”
– Murphy

“You really are the Angel of Death, aren’t you?”
– Monty to Clarke

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