How will Jim and Barbara’s relationship hold up against their secrets and the city of Gotham itself? At New York Comic-Con, Erin Richards talked about their relationship, teased episode 7 of FOX’s Gotham and more.

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Check out the video interview with Richards:

Here are a few highlights:

  • She was drawn to the role of Barbara because she is “really strong, and she’s really intelligent, really independent. She’s very driven, and she’s very much in love with Jim but she has all of these layers of darkness and the things that have happened in her past that I can’t reveal, but they do become obvious as the series goes on.”
  • Even with the secrets, Barbara is “so dedicated” to her and Jim’s relationship.
  • “We obviously have to stick to the story to some extent, but DC have given us quite a free rein with where we go within that story.”
  • Episode 7, “Penguin’s Umbrella,” is a big one for Barbara and everyone. “She does something in there that puts a bit of a wrench in the proceedings.”
  • She was a really big fan of Batman before this, dressed up as a kid.
  • Richards thins Ben McKenzie likes their scenes “because in his everyday detective work, he has to be the hard detective man and when he comes home to me, he gets to have a softer side to him revealed, and I think that’s a really nice thing for us to be able play with each other.”
  • “He can’t really trust her either, but, bless him, Jim, the only good man in Gotham.”

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Tune in tonight for episode 7 of Gotham. The show airs Mondays at 8pm on FOX.

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