Secrets always have a way of coming out, and at New York Comic-Con this weekend, Gotham star Ben McKenzie teased what’s coming up for Jim Gordon with Oswald back in town, Barbara’s secrets and more.

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Check out the video interview with Ben McKenzie:

Here are a few highlights:

  • “One of the things that’s great about performing this role in this context is acting out your fantasies from being 12 years old, playing with your brother in the backyard of your house in Texas, playing cops and robbers, but playing it with an adult sensibility, which Gotham has.”
  • Will he grow a mustache? “Maybe at the very end, the very last season possibly, if we go for a long time.”
  • Jim made the “morally correct” decision in the pilot to not kill Oswald, but the “ramifications of making the correct decision is he’s created a supervillain,” and that’s an experience he must learn from.
  • “In Gotham, the morally correct decision is not always the decision that will yield the best results, so that moral slippery slope he’s sliding down will only steepen.”
  • Why does Jim take such an interest in Bruce? He sees in the kid himself and Bruce is “the boy prince” in Gotham.
  • Is Jim suspicious of Barbara’s secrets? “Things will happen” in this week’s episode, “and he may have a new understanding of who she is.”

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