Last time on Resurrection, we left off with Henry’s mother, Margaret Langston, digging up the floor of the old factory to reveal a bunch of bones. Wow, Jacob’s grandmother is just full of surprises! Also, for the first time, one of the Returned came back ill instead of healthy. Marty finally asked Jacob if he knew that Marty was one of the Returned, and Jacob admitted that he did.

This week’s episodes of Resurrection, “Multiple,” sees Pastor Tom reaching out to the Returned in a new way, while Marty still struggles to find answers and grapples with his new assignment.

A New Beginning

Pastor Tom is in the river that runs through Arcadia, and he is baptizing some of the Returned. First, he baptizes Barbara, Sheriff Fred’s estranged wife. As she is walking away, she steps on something and pulls a human skull from the water.

It turns out that the river has quite a few human bones in it. When the sleep-deprived deputy, Carl, turns up, Fred tells him to talk with the coroner. Sheriff Fred is shocked that Tom left his position at the church to perform baptisms in the river. When Fred sees Barbara seated on the shore, he flashes back to a memory of seeing his wife’s legs in the river, with one shoe missing. It seems that the coroner thinks that they are dealing with about six bodies. Fred asks the deputy to call in Maggie, but when the deputy balks, he asks the coroner to call her.

Maggie’s Theory

Maggie and Marty have breakfast in town. Marty is troubled by how Arthur and Caleb both disappeared. Maggie thinks that if you disappear, then it is game over. If you die and leave a body behind, you can become one of the Returned. Elaine asks Marty if he has ever noticed how Maggie has to wash any knife that is left in the sink right away, but isn’t obsessive about the other silverware.

Another Fun-Filled Morning with Margaret

Meanwhile, a peaceful morning is unfolding as Lucille plans an apple-picking excursion for the family. Jacob doesn’t want to go, and all Margaret wants to do is rearrange the kitchen since she “doesn’t know how you find anything in this kitchen.” I am betting that Margaret is the last person in the world that Lucille would ever want to see again, and I agree with her.

Margaret also decides to weigh in on the fact that Jacob isn’t in school, making friends, with all the other kids. Lucille isn’t ready to send Jacob out in the world yet, and she stands her ground. Jacob agrees with his grandmother and begs to go to school.

Confession is Good for the Soul

Marty goes to see Tom at an old building he is trying to fix up. It is obvious to Tom that Marty has something on his mind, but Marty wants to make sure that their discussion remains private. Tom reassures Marty that they are friends, and Marty says simply, “I died.” Marty wonders if maybe he was born in Arcadia. He was adopted as a child and felt that he was unwanted by his natural parents.

Marty also recounts his dream of seeing himself dead, with a gunshot wound to the chest, and then suddenly breathing. Tom thinks that it may mean that there is one living and one dead Marty. Tom also tells Marty that Rachel was afraid to see her body, but felt it was necessary for closure. Tom gives Marty one important piece of advice — to let go of his past so he can move forward.

Multiple Deaths

Maggie reluctantly gives her father an update on the bones. They are all male and have yellowed with age. They were in the ground before being dug up and put in the river fairly recently. I wonder who has been playing with some skeletal remains recently. Oh, yes — Margaret Langston.

Maggie calls Marty and drops a bombshell. She isn’t dealing with six different bodies at the river, but three sets of the same exact remains. She believes that they are two Returned who each died three times and left a body behind, like Rachel. The dental work dates the bones to the 1930s, and so Jacob wasn’t the first of the Returned. Marty tells Rachel to have the remains brought to the clinic, and to tell the coroner to hold off on any paperwork until he gives the okay. Marty decides to reach out to his new boss, and leaves her a message that another new Returned has appeared.

My Brother’s Keeper

Carl returns home and accidentally wakes up his brother, Mikey, who is chilling in front of the television. Carl’s brother wants some steaks for a barbecue, but when Carl suggests that Mikey go into town, Mikey becomes angry and says that his life could be in danger. I guess Mikey is one of the Returned too.


Maggie brings the bones to the clinic and finds her grandmother waiting for her for a follow-up visit. Margaret tries to convince Maggie to mend her relationship with her father, stating that he feels emotions on a much deeper level than people realize.

When Barbara opens the door at her boyfriend’s house, she sees Fred driving away, and the missing shoe that she was wearing when she drowned is on the front porch. Personally, I think flowers would be a better option, but that’s just me. Margaret also tells her granddaughter that Fred was correct in not trusting any of the Returned, because none of them deserved second chances, even Jacob. What could Jacob have possibly ever done wrong?

School Days

Lucille and Henry take Jacob to the school, where Principal Hayes states that he was in the second grade when Jacob was there before. Lucille wants a guarantee of Jacob’s safety, but Principal Hayes says he will do all he can to see that Jacob has as normal a childhood as possible. So I guess having the principal be someone you went to school with 30 years ago before you drowned is totally normal.

Clues Emerge

Maggie tells her father that she believes that the newly discovered bones are from other people who returned. Fred goes to a bridge further up the river to investigate it as the location where the bones were dumped. He notices a piece of burlap snagged on a piece of wood and retrieves it. Fred next follows his gut and goes to the old factory, where he finds a similar piece of fabric, a hole in the ground and a human bone.

When a government operative arrives to take the newest Returned, Marty pulls a gun on him and demands to be taken to his new boss. She is less than pleased about Marty’s methods, or his demand for his body. She tells him that when he provides some solid information, she will give him access to his body.

Carl Snaps

Mikey becomes particularly testy when he feels that Carl burned his steak, and he tosses the food on the floor. He reminds his brother of how he eliminated the problem of their parents. Mikey then orders his brother to eat the food off the floor. Just when Carl is about to, Mikey orders him to make another steak. Instead, Carl shoots him repeatedly.

Hiding the Truth

Maggie thinks that all the remains belonged to murder victims. Marty suggests that Maggie update her father, and when she leaves the room to do so, Marty gets on the phone to his boss.

While Maggie is working on the bones at the clinic, she answers a knock at the door. It is Fred, and he tells her that he didn’t find anything at the river. He also discourages her from trying to recover DNA, since the killer would already be dead. They hear a noise and see the bones being removed by government operatives.

Old Dreams and New Beginnings

Lucille finds Henry looking at the plans of the factory. Henry wants to open the factory again, and Lucille supports him. 

Marty’s boss opens the doors to the van, and there is a body bag inside. Marty unzips the body bag and recoils in horror. Tom later sticks a plain wooden cross in the ground and tells Marty that although it is unmarked, they know that it stands for him.

Meanwhile, Carl drags his brother downstairs and buries him in the basement. Sadly for Carl, he hears his brother upstairs, saying that he woke up by the side of the road and is hungry.

So is Margaret guilty of killing the Returned from the factory? Do you think that Marty can cope with seeing his own body? Tune in next week to Resurrection find out!

Resurrection airs Sunday at 9pm on ABC.

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