We’ve got Elsa in with the Charming family now on Once Upon a Time and Regina recognizing her need of Henry. What else could go wrong? Oh yes, Once Upon a Time introduced a new evil character last week that shares the same talent as Elsa. Is she good or bad? From that smirk in the previous episode, I’d say bad, but let’s wait and see just how evil she is.

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Things are back to normal for everyone but Marian, who’s just not fitting in; she’s not used to modern conveniences. Roland wants ice cream and we don’t know how evil it can be until the owner casts a spell on Marian’s ice cream. Does she want Robin too? 

Rumple is being questioned by Emma and Hook about why Elsa was in his basement. Rumple denies any knowledge and swears on the dagger that he’s not lying. Since it’s not the real dagger, he can get away with it. That’s how Once Upon a Time works. Since Elsa doesn’t have a memory of it, the question dies.

Snow, who now occupies the mayor’s office, is hosting a “fireside chat.” This reminds me of her round table, but Grumpy is, well, grumpy. He wants the wall of ice to go and Elsa in jail. Elsa and Emma arrive, and as they start to argue, Marian collapses. She shouldn’t have eaten the ice cream.

Regina and Henry are called to the office by Robin, who asks her to awaken Marian. They try the usual strong magic cure — a kiss — but guess what? Robin either doesn’t love her enough or she doesn’t love him. Of course, when Regina suggests that Elsa is behind it, Emma calls her out because of her secret love for Robin. Later, Regina tells Robin that the curse will kill Marian when it reaches her heart.

(Also, Operation Mongoose is in force for Henry and Regina to find the book author.)

Hook and Elsa go to see Rumple at his shop. Hook has smartened up since his first appearance on Once Upon a Time. He knows Rumple lied but will not tell Belle the truth about the fake dagger if he helps Elsa. Elsa gives him a sample of Marian’s frozen hair and Rumple turns it into snow. It’s not Elsa’s unique magic. Rumple blows it out the door — and we know where it will go. Ice cream lady, you are now known.

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Not only does Elsa and Hook know, but so do Emma and Charming, who come across Will Scarlet (aka The Knave, from Once Upon a Time in Wonderland) at Robin’s tent. After a run through the woods, Will has revealed that he saw the ice cream frozen in the store while the power was out. When they arrive, the shop is closed, but The Knave tries to break in. He’s as clumsy as before and Emma does it. They find frozen ice cream but no sign of energy keeping it cold. The Knave escapes with the cash register money. Emma blames herself, but David tells her to trust herself.

Hook and Elsa are in the woods tracking the snowflakes. The snow ends up at a woman in a white gown who calls magic. Hook calls Emma, but only get a message. Well, he doesn’t know everything because he doesn’t understand cell phones. The Snow Queen (now we know who she is) has seen them and casts a spell that freezes Hook’s feet.

Elsa wants to know why the Snow Queen froze Marian. In true villain on Once Upon a Time style, the Queen did it to teach Elsa a lesson. Hook must die because he knows everything. Hey, she took too long with those explanations as Emma and Charming are now clued in. Oh, and the Snow Queen drops the bombshell on Elsa that Anna was the one who put Elsa in the urn because of the fear of Elsa’s magic.

Of course, a fight between the good (Emma) and the bad (Snow Queen) occurs. While Emma saves Hook and Charming, the new big bad disappears.

Regina and Robin are watching as Marian turns to ice. Robin admits that he’s the reason the kiss didn’t work. He loves Regina, who tells him he is married to Marian. He regrets everything he has done to Regina as Henry arrives. Regina grabs Marian’s heart. Well, at least she won’t die, but she’s frozen until the spell is broken.

Meanwhile, the Snow Queen is walking through the woods and Rumple is there. Oh no! Don’t make Rumple bad again. He knows the Snow Queen’s secret and offers help with Emma. He also knows a secret that Emma has known the Snow Queen in the past. I wonder how?

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Elsa is worried about Anna, and Kristoff is reassuring her when they learn that Hans has an army amassing in the mountains. You know, the actor playing Kristoff really gets into the role. Sometimes you can’t tell the real from the animated. Kristoff sneaks out and overhears Hans planning to capture Elsa and become King. Should we worry about another evil monarch?

Elsa and Kristoff go on the quest to find the urn. Once found, they will destroy it. Elsa grabs it but doesn’t destroy it, and Hans arrives. He wants the urn or else will kill Kris. Elsa gives it to him, and he tells her he’s destroying her because of her magic. Opening the urn, he releases a liquid which he thinks will kill Elsa. Instead, it becomes a woman in white, the Snow Queen, who destroys him for calling her a monster.

At the castle, Elsa learns that the Snow Queen is really her mother’s sister. They both mourn the parents’ deaths. Is the Snow Queen really mourning the death of her sister or planning something evil?

Next Week

Magic pays the price, Anna meets Rumple, and Hook and Emma go on a date. 


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