Tonight at 9pm, Hell’s Kitchen will crown its fifth season winner. Will it be Paula DaSilva or Danny Veltri? You can check out what chef Gordon Ramsay has to say about the two remaining finalists in this article. Meanwhile, Ramsay has dished out on the future direction of the show, including a possible crossover with his other reality series.

The sixth season of Hell’s Kitchen won’t premiere until July but there are already speculations about what the new season has in store for fans. Ramsay isn’t disclosing any details but hints that viewers might “definitely” see a Hell’s Kitchen-Kitchen Nightmares crossover in the future.

“Every time we go out to do Kitchen Nightmares — we just started filming now, and I’m in Queens — and every time I go to the restaurant the chef says, ‘I want to get better.  Can I come onto Hell’s Kitchen?'” Ramsay told reporters.

“You know, we had 33,000 applicants this year in terms of Kitchen Nightmares.  So you try your best, but they invite me in.  And the sad thing is, you know, they were going to close if I didn’t come anyway.  So it’s frustrating, because it’s not difficult if they only could see the woods for the trees.  So maybe one day you’ll see a crossover.”

But that’s not all. Ramsay is also open to the suggestion of having an all-stars version of Hell’s Kitchen featuring former contestants.

“I would love to see them in a real-life situation, doing one of the Kitchen Nightmares,” he said.  “Put them all into a restaurant that needs help, and to see what kind of expertise they’ve gained and bought, and to whether they’ve understood the industry and what they’ve picked up and continue to learn with.  I’d be interested to dump them into a restaurant that’s struggling and just see how they decide on the way forward with that restaurant.”

-Kris De Leon, BuddyTV Staff Columnist
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Kris De Leon

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