50 Cities, 10 Days, 1 Chance to win!  Here is how the contest works:

BuddyTV will be visiting a city near you and giving away free tickets to the American Idol Live Tour 2009 via our Twitter page www.twitter.com/buddytv. Starting this Thursday, May 14, 5 cities will be announced daily at 12pm PT (Monday-Friday) for 10 days straight, until Wednesday, May 17, when our tour wraps. When we announce your city, enter the contest. Not before. If you enter before your city has been announced, your entry will not be counted. You have from the time the cities are announced, 12pm PT that day, until 9am PT the next day to enter. So, how do you enter?

To enter follow these 3 simple steps:

Step One: Log into your twitter account and make sure you are following us: www.twitter.com/buddytv. This is the only BuddyTV account that will be making the announcements.

Step Two: Check the daily city tweet to see if your city is announced. An example of what this might look like is: Today’s Idol Tour Cities are: List of Cities

Step Three: Tweet out the message below exactly as it appears. Then add the city you are entering to win tickets for:

I just entered to win @BuddyTV Idol Tour Tickets. To enter: https://www.buddytv.com/buddytvs-american-idol-twitter-tour-free-tickets-coming-to-a-city-near-you/ City Name

Example: I Just entered to win @buddyTV Idol Tour Tickets. To enter: https://www.buddytv.com/buddytvs-american-idol-twitter-tour-free-tickets-coming-to-a-city-near-you/ Seattle

You’re all done! Remember, you have until 9am the day after your city is announced to enter. All entries will be randomly selected and winners will be announced here. (I suggest bookmarking this page!) BuddyTV will notify winners directly via Direct Message on Twitter. Message us back your full name. You have 24 hours to DM otherwise another winner will be selected. To get your tickets, you will pick them up at Will Call the day of the concert. You will need to show ID.

If you don’t have a twitter account, start one today! It’s FREE www.twitter.com
If you are new to twitter you might find this article about twitter basics helpful:

Still need help? Feel free to @buddytv with your question!

Winners: (Updated 6/02)

Tulsa, OK- Lawrence_Larson
Baltimore, MD- natthecat11
Philadelphia, PA- dazzleme18
Rosemont, IL- Racine28
Grand Rapids, MI- Jessgirl739
Columbus, OH- vsnod
St Louis, MO- aktennis
Hartford, CT- Mystify1222
Los Angeles, CA- kaydence02
Wilkes Barre, PA- FallOutCookGirl
Duluth, GA- Dustinnnn
Indianapolis, IN- kendraamichelle 
Pittsburgh, PA- aleapofaith 
Sacramento, CA -jofum
N. Little Rock, AR – BabyCrazyDFW
Bridgeport, CT- er_famex
Kansas City, MO – heathereroonan
Auburn Hills, MI- cathaclysm
San Jose, CA-  CaApril
Greensboro, NC- TheEllenBecker
Atlantic City, NJ- sarabeth035
Madison, WI- AmorVincetOmnia
Providence, RI- dclove85
Vancouver, BC-  shira21
Tampa, FL- KateBarfield
Washington, DC- sennem
Long Island, NY- kimberlyyyy
Portland, ME- bowdoinchica
Ontario, CA- blkeener
Hamilton, ON- pantherama
West Valley, UT- _Jordan_A_
Memphis, TN- tmsenn14
Manchester, NH- amedawg18
Portland, OR- gypsy3160
Charlotte, NC- Newsdude14
Rochester, NY- Hrtsnflwrs2002
Milwaukee, WI- catebabygirl
Syracuse, NY- siatabiri
Tacoma, WA- dark_victory
Dallas, TX- Tigressreow
Newark, NJ- acomitini
Minneapolis, MN- LoveIdol50
Oakland, CA- Reneepsnyder
Cleaveland, OH- BuckieKY
Boston, MA- CelestialAxis
San Diego, CA: Fernandorafael
Glendale, AZ: Mjflynt
Sunrise, FL: Camashe
Albany, NY: TrisTasticcc
Reading, PA: Ericalv2001

For Contest Rules and Concert Tour Dates, Click Here

Good Luck!


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