Prison Break will end, for good, this Spring.  FOX announced today that this, the fourth season of Prison Break, will be the series last.  Prison Break will return to FOX for its final run of episodes on Friday, April 17.  Details are scarce right now, and it’s unclear whether Prison Break will finish off its run on Fridays, though that seems likely.  As FOX is wont to do, the final episodes will probably run without a break, starting in April and then airing the final six or seven episodes once a week until the finale.  Though this may be disappointing news for fans of Prison Break, the mere fact that the show ran for four seasons is a remarkably impressive feat.

When Prison Break debuted, it appeared to be a one season and done type of show.  The show is called Prison Break – what more was there to do after Michael and Lincoln broke out of prison.  Mat Olkin and company, however, thickened the plot, layering the story with complicated conspiracies and an ever-increasing cast of characters.  The show became a cult series and, while ratings were never terribly impressive, the fans Prison Break did have were as rabid as any on television. 

Prison Break also made Wentworth Miller and Dominic Purcell low-level stars.  As we’ve seen here on BuddyTV, Wentworth especially has become a beloved heartthrob.  Prison Break was a part of the rash of serialized TV shows that made air over the past few years.  It was indicative of a palpable trend on television.  You couldn’t just turn on a random episode of Prison Break – to enjoy the series, you had to watch every single episode.  This may have hurt its Nielsen ratings, but it made Prison Break (and other similar shows) viable products on the DVD market.

Prison Break has come to an end.

-Oscar Dahl, BuddyTV Senior Writer
Source: FOX
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Oscar Dahl

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