Tomorrow is Valentine’s Day! And to celebrate, Glee, which airs on the same day, will be paying tribute to the holiday with their own Valentine’s Day episode, titled “Heart.” We’ve already seen Samuel Larsen’s debut performance with “Stereo Hearts” as well as the hilarious entrance of Rachel’s dads. Now eight songs from the episode have been released for us to listen to.

Some of the songs include Mercedes covering the late Whitney Houston’s “I Will Always Love You,” other Glee Project winner Rory on Michael Buble’s “Home” and Rachel’s dads on “You’re the Top.” I laughed when I read what song her dads would be singing. You know darn well that Ryan Murphy and the writers and producers did this on purpose. I’m sure fans who get it will be laughing as well.

This episode was filmed last month, well before Houston’s tragic death this past weekend. So covering one of her biggest hits is an inadvertent tribute to the singer. As BuddyTV reported earlier, “Heart” will also pay tribute in another way during the end credits.

“Stereo Hearts”:

“Let Me Love You”:


“I Will Always Love You”:


“You’re the Top”:

“Love Shack”:


Which of the above songs is your favorite? And are you excited to finally meet Rachel’s dads?

Glee airs Tuesdays at 8pm on FOX.

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