This Tuesday Glee competes at Regionals, and while New Directions is performing original songs, there will still be plenty of covers. In fact, this episode, titled “Original Song,” is loaded with music in the form of eight songs.

In addition to the two original songs already released (which you can listen to here), there’s also another original song, “Hell to the No,” which as you may have guessed from the title, is all about Mercedes. It’s probably the best of the original songs, thanks in large part to the fact that Amber Riley hasn’t gotten to get her groove on with a solo for a while.

Three original songs might seem impressive, but this episode is actually all about the rivals, because the Dalton Academy Warblers get FOUR songs. Why does the competition get more performances in this episode? Maybe it’s because the Glee writers are bored with their show and want to focus more on new characters than the originals.

For the Warblers, we get:

“Blackbird” by The Beatles (Kurt)
“Candles” by Hey Monday (Kurt and Blaine)
“Misery” by Maroon 5 (Blaine)
“Raise Your Glass” by Pink (The Warblers)

The eighth number of the episode will be from the Sue Sylvester-led group Aural Intensity, Sonseed’s “Jesus is My Friend.” Clearly someone is playing to the judges, since we know from spoilers that the panel will feature Kathy Griffin as a member of the Tea Party and Loretta Devine as a nun.

However, in my opinion, there’s one rather huge omission: where is Vocal Adrenaline? Last year New Directions competed against the impressive group at Regionals, but this year, are they missing? Did the district lines get redrawn so Vocal Adrenaline competes in a different Regional competition?

After the season 2 premiere introduced their new coach Dustin Goolsby and Rachel Berry rival Sunshine Corazon, it feels like an entire subplot for the season was totally dropped and mishandled.

Another problem: should there be four teams competing at Regionals? Last year there were three Sectionals winners, but since the Warblers and New Directions tied, they should be competing against Aural Intensity and another group. Maybe they’ll show up and not get to sing.

We’ll find out in “Original Song,” airing Tuesday at 8pm on FOX. You can try to scour YouTube to listen to some of these songs, but since they’re all up illegally, FOX is taking them down as quickly as they can.

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