“It’s Christmas again, that time of year when parents aren’t arrested for forcing their children to sit on an old man’s weirdly hot lap.” If you’re Sue Sylvester, these are the thoughts that go through your head every December. But for the rest of us, we’re spending night after night trying to keep up on all the latest holiday specials and movies on TV. Glee‘s about to take part in the festivities this Thursday. And fortunately for us, FOX has released two clips from “Glee, Actually.”

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First, we’ve got a clip of Sue writing in her journal — where she says the above quote — about how she feels about Christmastime. To her, it’s “that magical season when five seemingly separate storylines are cleverly sandwiched between commercial breaks and then tied together at the end like a beautiful bow, like that movie Love, Actually.” Well, thank you, Sue, for introducing us to the film that this episode is paying tribute to.

And it’s been teased for a while now: there’s a Klaine reunion coming this week! If I’m remembering correctly, I think last week the two of them arranged for Blaine to visit Kurt in New York. And as we’ve seen in years past, it wouldn’t be a Glee Christmas show without a duet from them. This time, they’re ice skating and performing “White Christmas.”

Oh, look, there’s a quick shot of Burt as well. It’ll be nice to see father and son back on screen together again.

Will Sue be on the naughty or nice list once we’re done watching “Glee, Actually”? And after seeing the Klaine reunion, do you want them to get back together?

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