Just call this Black Friday for TV. After a surprisingly strong fall season that has seen most new shows succeed and get full season orders, three shows have been canceled.

CBS has ended its freshman comedy Partners after just six episodes. And ABC has canceled two of its new dramas, 666 Park Avenue and Last Resort.

Partners will be taken off the air immediately and replaced with other CBS comedy repeats Mondays at 8:30pm. It joins fellow CBS show Made in Jersey on the cutting room floor while the network’s other shows, Elementary and Vegas, have both been picked up for full seasons.

ABC, on the other hand, will continue to air 666 Park Avenue and Last Resort, but they have stopped production after the first 13 episodes for both shows. They will play out like ABC did with Pan Am last season, only the network never officially cancelled that show until much later.

ABC has had more luck with its other new shows, giving full season orders to Nashville and The Neighbors and ordering more scripts for Malibu Country after just two episodes.

These cancellations all come a bit later than usual. While most fall seasons come with a blood bath of new shows quickly, Made in Jersey and Animal Practice were the only two n new shows to get cancelled before today.

Now comes the difficult question for viewers. Do you continue to watch the final episodes of 666 Park Avenue and Last Resort, knowing they’re both dead shows walking? Or do you give up on them right away? Both shows still have six episodes left unaired so far.

666 Park Avenue airs Sundays at 10pm on ABC and Last Resort airs Thursdays at 8pm.

(Image courtesy of ABC)

John Kubicek

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