Thursday is Thanksgiving, but it’s also the night of a new episode of Glee. So why should you wake up from your turkey-induced nap and check it out? How about because it’s the best episode in a long, long time.

Yes, despite the fact that I’m a notorious Glee hater, a watched a preview of “Dynamic Duets” and was overcome with an unusual emotion: joy. I actually loved watching Glee again.

“Dynamic Duets” is all about superheroes as the New Directions prepare for Sectionals against the dastardly Warblers. It’s written and directed by Ian Brennan, aka the guy who always seems to do the best and funniest Glee episodes. The only other time he wrote and directed was last season’s body-swapping “Props.”

Here are just eight reasons why you should definitely tune in.

The Costumes Are Amazing

Everyone in New Directions dresses up as their superhero alter egos, and the costume work is hilarious and totally Emmy-worthy.

It’s All About the Newbies

The Grease episode should’ve been about the new kids putting on the musical, but instead it was all about the graduated seniors. But, like “The Role You Were Born to Play,” this episode puts Marley, Kitty, Ryder and Jake front and center. They’re all interesting characters and I’m impressed with how well the show is handling them. That’s especially true for Glee Project winner Blake Jenner as Ryder. He’s not just a one-note punchline (see all the Glee Project season 1 stars). Ryder is a solid character who is quickly becoming the leading man of New Directions.

Finn as Will

This is the first episode without Matthew Morrison as Mr. Schuester, and Finn does a hilarious job trying to step into Schue’s shoes (and clothes). His first idea for Sectionals may be one of the most epically awful ideas ever to exist.

Kiki Is Back!

That’s right, if you’ve missed Brittany’s sassy Siri knock-off, she makes her triumphant return in this episode.

The Warblers

As a prelude to their return at Sectionals, the Warblers show up to cause chaos. While Sebastian seems to have been tamed, new captain Hunter is delightfully villainous, but not in a mean, bullying kind of way. He’s more Bond villain.

Sam Rules

Inexplicably, Sam seems to be the ultimate sidekick, the guy who lifts everyone’s spirits. And he’s particularly good in this episode, and not just because there’s a scene where he’s shirtless with a jock strap over his head. Trust me, it will make sense when you see it.

Puck Is Back

Puck pops up in the episode to offer some sage advice and let us know what he’s been doing in L.A. Or more importantly, what superhero-related celebrity he’s been doing.

We Get to See Eli

Ever since Blaine’s cheating bombshell, you’ve probably wondered who this Eli dude is. Well, wait no more, because he shows up in the episode. Sort of.

As you may have noticed, I said nothing about Rachel or Kurt, and that’s because, once again, they are totally absent from the episode. Part of what makes this my favorite episode of Glee in the past year or two is that it has a clear focus and it’s light and silly. Like I said two weeks ago with “The Role I Was Born to Play,” this is the show Glee should be.

It’s all about the high school kids while naturally using graduated seniors (Finn and Puck) in logical ways that don’t jam completely new storylines down our throats. It makes me wish FOX agreed to do that Glee spin-off about Rachel and Kurt, because then I could not watch that show and enjoy this new one instead.

So be sure to schedule your Thanksgiving around Glee, airing at 9pm on FOX.

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