Get ready for a full night of Glee coming up in a few weeks. A week before the season 3 finale, on May 15, FOX will air a two hour episode of the FOX musical. What could warrant such a bloated show? Will that entire time be devoted to Nationals? Read on to find out all the details.

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TVLine is reporting that FOX will combine episodes 20 and 21 into a two hour episode. A source tells them that “it’s the first of those two hours — which finds New Direction planning for the annual competition — that is likely to generate the most watercooler chatter. That’s because in the midst of rehearsing their new routine, Tina suffers a mild head injury and begins to experience a different — yet oddly familiar — alternate reality.”

Photos from the set have been making the rounds lately, showing the cast dressed not in their usual clothes. Rather, they’re dressed up as each other. Up until now, these photos may have been confusing. But this news about the alternate reality storyline puts it all into context. In the photos, we can see Puck dressed as Blaine, Finn as Kurt and Tina (who seems to be at the center of this plot) looking like Rachel.

And as TVLine mentions, “Tina’s warped perspective presumably returns to normal in time for Nationals, which serves as the focus of Hour 2.”

This news brings up a lot of questions. If the above assumption is true, then why is it necessary to combine the episodes into one? (Why not give the finale two hours instead?) Is Ryan Murphy only doing this to give Tina an actual storyline? And with the first hour being the third to last episode of the season, I’m sure many fans will wonder why the show would deviate from necessary storylines (such as Nationals or NYADA or graduation) to focus on what appears to be a silly premise. Is this setting up Ryan Murphy’s “revolutionary” idea for season 4? Who knows.

What do you make of this news? Do you think it’ll be a fun first hour? Or a huge distraction from more pressing matters?

Glee airs Tuesday nights at 8pm on FOX, and this special two hour episode airs May 15.

Source: TVLine

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