A review of the events of Supernatural season 5 that led to the Apocalypse.

#35 Lucifer Rises

At the start of the season, Lucifer rose from his cage in a burst of noise and white light.

#34 God Saves Sam and Dean

Sam and Dean were magically transported far away to safety. We later learned God did this.

#33 God Saves Castiel

The archangel Raphael blew Castiel apart, but he was restored. We later learned this was also God’s action.

#32 Lucifer Gets Inside Nick

In the season 5 premiere, Lucifer found a vessel named Nick and coerced him into saying “yes.”

#31 Dean is Michael’s Vessel

Zachariah revealed that Dean is the archangel Michael’s true vessel, and that he will be the one to fight Lucifer in the final battle.

#30 Sam is Lucifer’s Vessel

Lucifer tells Sam that he is his true vessel.

#29 Bobby is Paralyzed

When a demon possesses Bobby, he took back control to avoid killing Dean by stabbing himself, causing him to be paralyzed and stuck in a wheelchair.

#28 War Comes to Town

With the rising of Lucifer, the Four Horsemen of the Apocalypse began to prepare. War drove into a town and used his abilities to turn everyone against each other by making them think they were all demons.

#27 Getting War’s Ring

Sam and Dean eventually stopped War and cut off the finger which held his magical Horseman ring, which they then took.

#26 A Look into the Future

Zachariah sent Dean into the future to see what would happen if the Apocalypse occurred, and he found a dystopian future where Sam said “yes” and was possessed by Lucifer.

#25 The Antichrist Arrives

Sam and Dean found a little boy who could make anything he thought happened, later learning that he was actually the Antichrist.

#24 Gabriel is Revealed

The Trickster returned to try and get Sam and Dean to both say “yes” to Michael and Lucifer. He was later revealed to be the angel Gabriel in disguise.

#23 Crowley Gives Back the Colt

A demon named Crowley helped the Winchesters by giving them back the Colt to help them kill Lucifer.

#22 Ellen and Jo Die

Sam, Dean, Castiel, Ellen and Jo went to find Lucifer and kill him with the Colt, but they were ambushed by Meg, who used the Hell Hounds to attack and kill Jo. Ellen then blew herself up to kill the Hell Hounds and help Sam and Dean.

#21 Lucifer Raises Death

In a town full of Reapers, Lucifer used his powers to summon Death and bring the Horseman to Earth. He was successful while the Winchesters failed because the Colt wasn’t able to kill Lucifer.

#20 Dean Meets Michael

When Sam and Dean went back in time to protect their parents from an angel attack, Dean came face-to-face with Michael using John Winchester’s body and learned that his bloodline is what makes him the one true vessel.

#19 Famine Shows Up

Famine, a decrepit old man in a wheelchair, showed up in a town and forced everyone to overindulge in their vices.

#18 Sam vs. Famine

Famine’s demons got to Sam and forced him to drink demon blood. The plan backfired when Sam used his demon blood powers to severely injure Famine and steal his ring.

#17 Death Sends Bobby a Message

Death made people rise from the dead, including Bobby’s wife, who was used to send a message: stop helping the Winchesters.

#16 The Whore of Babylon

Among the many signs of the Apocalypse was the arrival of the Whore of Babylon, a false prophet who convinced a town to commit sins and damn their souls to Hell.

#15 God is Out

While in Heaven, Sam and Dean learned from Joshua, who talks to God, that God has no interest in being a part of the Apocalypse or helping out, leaving them on their own.

#14 Dean Agrees to Say “Yes”

Seeing no alternative, Dean left his brother on a quest to say “yes” to Michael and stop Lucifer on his own.

#13 Dean Chooses Sam

When push came to shove, Dean couldn’t say “yes” to Michael and instead sided with his brother, agreeing to find another way to stop Lucifer.

#12 Lucifer Kills Gabriel

Gabriel returned to help the boys, but his brother Lucifer showed up and after a major fight, Lucifer killed Gabriel.

#11 Gabriel’s Secret Porn Tape Message

Gabriel left behind a message for Sam and Dean, telling them that they could collect the rings of the Four Horsemen and use them to put Lucifer back in his cage.

#10 Pestilence Arrives

Pestilence drove into town causing mass sickness, leaving an epidemic of swine flu everywhere he went.

#9 Working with Crowley

The Crossroads Demon Crowley returned to help Sam and Dean with their plan to get all of the rings and put Lucifer back in his cage.

#8 Brady, The Horsemen’s Handler

Crowley led the boys to Brady, the handler for the Four Horsemen who was also Sam’s old college buddy and the demon who actually killed Jessica. After making a deal with Brady, he gave them the location of Pestilence. Sam then killed him.

#7 Bobby Sells His Soul

To locate Death, the final Horseman, Bobby agreed to sell his soul to Crowley. In exchange, Crowley restored Bobby’s ability to walk.

#6 Sam’s Plan

After getting the Four Horsemen’s rings, Sam’s plan is to say “Yes” to Lucifer and then take back control of his body long enough to jump into the cage, sacrificing himself.

#5 Getting Pestilence’s Ring

Sam, Dean and Castiel worked together to find Pestilence and cut off his ring.

#4 The Croatoan Virus

Pestilence’s swine flu epidemic was a scheme to get the government to approve a vaccine from Niveus Pharmaceuticals that would actually infect everyone with Croatoan, a demonic virus. Sam, Bobby and Castiel were able to stop the vaccine from being released.

#3 Adam is Michael’s New Vessel

Castiel revealed to Sam and Bobby that Michael decided to go along with the angels’ Plan B and use Adam, the Winchesters’ half-brother, as his vessel.

#2 A Deal with Death

Dean sat down with Death and made a deal. Death gave him the ring and instructions on how to use it so they could trap Lucifer and Death would be free from him, but only if Dean agreed to Sam’s plan to say “Yes.”

#1 The Apocalypse

With the four rings and a plan to trick Lucifer back into his cage by having Sam say “Yes” and jumping in, the boys are prepared for the final battle to stop the Apocalypse.

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