If you didn’t know already, there’s only three episodes of Glee left until New Directions hits the Nationals stage in Chicago. And we’re getting word that the cast has been filming their Nationals episode today at Cal State Los Angeles. Read on to find out all the scoop, including the songs everyone will perform and a major spoiler.

TooFab is reporting, via a source who attended the taping, that McKinley High’s New Directions will cover three songs while on stage: “Edge of Glory” by Lady Gaga, “It’s All Coming Back to Me Now” by Celine Dion and “Paradise By the Dashboard Light” by Meat Loaf. If you’ve been worried that Glee has not been featuring Rory as much lately, have no fear. Damian McGinty, who plays Rory, will be seen during the performances, as will Joe (Samuel Larsen).

Their major competitors will of course be Vocal Adrenaline, headed up by Wade, played by The Glee Project runner-up Alex Newell. Wade & Co. will perform “Starships” by Nicki Minaj and “Pinball Wizards” by The Who. And if you were impressed by Wade taking on “Boogie Shoes” during “Saturday Night Glee-ver,” you’ll be excited to know that he’s doing it again! “Wade returns to lead [Vocal Adrenaline’s] squad,” TooFab says, “and he sings his performances in drag.”

If you recall, we found out last week that the theme for Nationals this year is Vintage. Judging by the above set list, it looks like they can sing whatever they want, as long as at least one of the songs from each group is vintage, Meat Loaf for New Directions and The Who for Vocal Adrenaline.

But the biggest scoop (and a major spoiler ahead!) from today’s filming involves a certain blonde in a wheelchair. When Glee returned from its long hiatus after the car accident, Quinn revealed that her spine was severely compressed and that she can’t move her legs or feet. She can make a full recovery, but it’ll take time. Those inside the auditorium where filming took place noticed that Quinn was not in her wheelchair: “…we hear that Quinn will be back on her feet dancing!”

We’ve seen recently Joe Hart helping with her physical therapy. And my bet is that she keeps pushing to get better because of him being there. But as I said at the start, there’s only three episodes until Nationals. Can she realistically recover on a scale large enough for her to be able to dance (and we all know that the choreography on their performances rarely have missteps, somehow).

Now that we’ve gotten that big news out of the way, the next major question is, who wins Nationals? Since there’s an auditorium full of people who could easily leak that announcement online, they filmed two different endings, which I believe Glee has done in the past.

What do you make of the Nationals set list? Does it make you excited? And what about Quinn making a remarkable recovery?

Source: TooFab

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