This week on Bones, the Jeffersonian’s latest case centers around a man who had been teased and bullied — both when he was young and as an adult — for his short height. In fact, he even wore lifts so he’d appear taller. There are a few good suspects: the co-worker who was eyeing the guy’s clients at work, the martial arts teacher who had past issues with the victim … and his young daughter who you don’t want to mess with.

Meanwhile, Parker Booth meets his little sister!

Part of the Family

It’s about time Parker makes his return! I’ve been wondering where he’s been hiding. Turns out, he’s been in England the past four months. It’s great to see him a bit more grown up. But the first interaction we see with his dad is a little awkward. Four months is a lot of time to miss in a little kid’s life.

As the episode progresses, Parker exhibits other behavior that makes Booth worry, but he doesn’t address it. For example, he lies to Booth about where he’s been, and then Bones finds one of her lab coat in the closet — along with cut up family photos and something Booth and Parker built dismantled.

Is Parker jealous of Christine? We hope not! Booth and Brennan have a ton of love to give!

Teased and Bullied

I feel really bad for the victim this week: Not only is he getting teased for his height by a bully at work, but he gets beaten up by a martial arts teacher’s daughter (which delivers an amusing response from Sweets, who was cheering her on). But the video has been recorded via cell phone by the girl’s friend — and it quickly goes viral. So not only is he dealing with internal humiliation, but it goes public too.

The murder weapon had been identified — but not found. A seven-inch blade that was inserted from the back but then took out from the front, or vice versa.

It isn’t until Booth and Brennan are at a restaurant — and Booth orders a fish sandwich — does the aha moment come up. It’s nice to see Booth be the one to figure it out too: it turns out to be a fishing hook, which the victim’s co-worker owned.

Ain’t No Party Like A Jeffersonian Party

Hodgins is really trying to push to get a bunch of fancypants equipment for the lab. But Cam has to play the bad cop, citing government cutbacks and all that good stuff. However, the equipment — all of it — is very useful in the latest investigation.

Meanwhile, because of all the cutbacks, the annual Founders Day party gets canceled, which really upsets Hodgins. I mean, it was getting to be a bit too much. So what does Hodgins do to celebrate both Founders Day and closing the latest case? The only way he knows how!

He throws a part of his own — in the Jeffersonian, no less — and all the equipment is used to concoct drinks and make food! Cam hates it at first because of the rules that are being broken, but when she takes one sip of the drink, she can’t help but to join in.

Sweets and Booth: Old Married Couple

The great moment between Sweets and Booth this week involves the two of them in the car. Sweets knows something is up with Booth, but he’s not spilling. And then they fight like an old married couple, and it had me laughing and giggling. It’s the classic “If you don’t talk right now, I’m going to get out of his car” move. Sweets even opens the door! But that’s what it takes for Booth to spill about what’s going on with him and Parker.

Sweets gets Booth to realize that it’s OK to be angry at his son if that’s how he feels — and, more importantly, that Booth isn’t his dad.

But Booth’s still annoyed with Sweets’ attitude.

What’s Really Going On

Booth and Bones sit down together with Parker to try to talk to him about his recent behavior. It turns out he was creating a mobile for Christine to be hung above her crib! “She’s my sister. I love her,” he says. He used the motor from his toy to make the mobile spin and cut up family photos to attach to it. It’s an incredibly sweet moment for the family. I do think it’s a bit too wrapped up neatly, however.

But it’s great to see Parker has nothing but love for his sister.

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