After an uneven and rather dramatic second season, Glee ended with an upbeat and energetic episode. I’m cautiously optimistic that this will continue when Glee returns for season 3 in the fall, but to make that happen, the show has to focus more on the fun, loving family aspect of New Directions and less on serious issues like the economic collapse, gay bullying, heart attacks and death.

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So here are nine things I’d like to see to make Glee a shinier, happier place in season 3.

A Samcedes Duet of “Summer Nights”

The perfect way for Sam and Mercedes to come out as a couple would be through this classic Grease song. Sam would be in the locker room with Finn, Puck, Mike and Artie while Mercedes would be in the rehearsal room with Rachel, Tina and Kurt. Keeping their relationship a secret wouldn’t make much sense, and this would be a fun way to start the year.

A Number from Pip, Pip Hooray!

Glee is hit-or-miss when it comes to continuity. Quinn had no evil plan for New York like she said at the end of the previous episode, but Lord Tubbington has received a shout-out in every episode since his introduction. But with the promise of Kurt spending all summer writing a musical about the sister of the new princess, I would absolutely love to hear any song that he comes up with, provided he can come up with a better rhyme for Pippa than “Kelly Ripa.”

Something for Quinn to Do

All of the characters seemed to find some form of happiness in the season 2 finale, except for Quinn, who only got a new haircut. I don’t care if they make her super nice or super mean. At this point, I just want her to do something. Since she’s free, Quinn might be the best way to work in whatever new character comes from the winner of Oxygen’s summer reality series The Glee Project (premiering Sunday, June 12 at 9pm), who will get a recurring role on the show. If it’s a guy, maybe she can show up with a new bad-ass boyfriend, maybe a glam or goth punk rocker inspiring her to totally change who she is.

A New Direction for Sue

In “Funeral,” the show changed Sue Sylvester forever by making her nice and promising to stop trying to destroy the glee club. She claimed she would run for Congress, but I’m not sure if that could sustain a full season’s worth of stories. However, I also don’t want her to slide back into her role as the evil Cheerios coach, completely negating the emotional breakthrough she had after her sister’s death. The real trick for season 3 of Glee is going to be finding a new purpose for Jane Lynch’s character.

Get Will and Emma Together

For most of season 2, Will didn’t have much of a purpose on the show. So at the very least, Glee could finally let him be with Emma and try to find something for those characters.

Wrap Up Karofsky’s Storyline

The whole Karofsky thing already seems so season 2 and I feel like the characters and even the writers have moved on from it. But the last time we saw him, he was running out of the prom, unable to come out. I don’t find his character particularly interesting other than being a plot device, so I definitely don’t want him joining New Directions or getting involved in any long-term plots, but I would like the writers to wrap up his story better than they did with season 1’s Matt, the random football player who transferred and was never seen or mentioned again.

Use Mike O’Malley

I know being credited as a series regular is purely a contract issue, but it still bugs me that for all of season 2, Mike O’Malley (Kurt’s dad) was listed as a main star in every episode while Chord Overstreet and Harry Shum, Jr. (Sam and Mike) were listed as guest stars. Either bump O’Malley back down to a guest star or actually find a way to use him on the show other than giving him a heart attack or a quickie wedding.

Let Kurt Be Fun

Many people have written about how Glee’s second season was largely about turning Kurt into the Patron Saint of Gay Teenagers. He went through a lot of bad stuff and fell in love with Blaine, but enough is enough. Kurt had his year of living dramatically, now it’s time for him to be fun and silly without getting all preachy and dramatic. Sure, it’s easy to show him overcoming obstacles and inspiring teens watching at home, but that’s what PSAs are for. Glee is for fun.

Start Setting Up Season 4

Unless the world really does end in 2012, Glee will almost certainly return for a fourth season. The problem is that this year, all of the kids are going to be seniors, causing the inevitable high school-to-college awkward transition. It’s never easy for a TV show to make that leap (unless you’re One Tree Hill, in which case you jump over it and fast forward to four years later), but Glee is going to have to do it. Yes, I’m getting way ahead of myself with this one, but if the writers don’t start planning for that inevitable difficult change, it’s going to make it that much harder to do when it actually comes.

What would you like to see from Glee season 3?

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