Some cities have a dark underbelly that’s hidden from the public eye, but in this next Criminal Minds episode, the BAU will have to look at an actual dark underworld when the team travels, once again, to Las Vegas. The only downside to this case so far is that Glee’s Jane Lynch won’t be returning as Reid’s mother. It’s too bad she’s so busy.

CBS has released a sneak preview of “Persuasion,” which will see the BAU investigating mysterious drowning deaths in the Las Vegas desert. What’s the “true cause” of these deaths? Why were these people killed?

Check out the “Persuasion” promo:

“On the streets of Vegas, millions try their luck, but there’s an underworld where all bets are off,” the voiceover of the promo teases, and we get a look at both the wonders of Vegas above ground and the darkness of the city below. A man’s pleas for help are going to go unanswered, both by those walking on the streets above him and those with him below. With 1500 people living in the tunnels of Vegas, this week’s UnSub has a wide variety of victims at his disposal.

How many victims will this UnSub (or these UnSubs) kill before the BAU can find him (or her or them)? 

While the team is heading to Las Vegas, and as we know, that’s where Reid’s mother, Diana, is, Jane Lynch won’t be reprising her role in this Criminal Minds episode. TVLine revealed back in January that showrunner Erica Messer explained that’s “because Jane Lynch is too busy, but there is a nice little mention of her and where she and Reid are in their relationship right now.”

Criminal Minds airs Wednesdays at 9pm on CBS.

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