Yet another crazy episode of The Following to keep us guessing and wanting more. Joe has found another new cult to join. This one claims to believe in love, peace and unity, but it turns out he’s just led Emma, Mandy and himself into another crazy community. Meanwhile, Ryan’s search for Joe gets sidetracked when one of Lily’s followers kidnaps Max. And Lily gets revenge on Mike.

Joe’s Crazy New Community

Joe assures Mandy and Emma he has an epic plan, but I’m not sure what he’s led them to is what he had in mind. They find a group with one of Roderick’s recruits, Robert. But Robert isn’t the leader, he’s just part of a cult called Corbin, which is lead by a man named Micah and his wife, Julie.

The members, led by Julie, immediately blindfold and handcuff the three, until they can trust them. Joe is brought to the leader Micah, who wants to know why Joe is there. Joe says he offers his humble services in exchange for Micah’s hospitality. Julie then puts Joe through a lie detector test, or what she calls the “reckoning.” She asks him all sorts of questions about why he kills and what he gets out of it. He then says he wants to join Corbin to start a new life.

Later that night, there is a ceremony. It’s led by Micah, who basically just prances around asking who will make a sacrifice to “go home.” Julie comes out with a stick and pretends to have a spirit guide her to the chosen one, which ends up being Emma. She’s tied up and Micah slits her wrists. He then drinks her blood.

Joe is furious and demands to know why Micah did what he did. Julie assures Joe that Emma is alive and that it was necessary to introduce him to their ways.

Lily’s Got Her Own Following

Back at the precinct, Menendez threatens Ryan with charges again for obstructing justice. But of course, nothing is done and she admits that she respects what he’s trying to do. Mike then informs Ryan that he’s done with the investigation. He fears he’s taken it too far with beating Luke.

Max, meanwhile, has been suspended from her job for six months for helping Ryan. But don’t worry, the gang gets back together again when one of Lily’s followers kidnaps Max. Her intention is to have Max killed by a serial killer named the Huntsman. But Max is a strong one and she escapes, right about the time that Ryan, Mike (who has rejoined the investigation again) and the FBI arrive.

And just when you breathe a sigh of relief that no one in Ryan’s life has been killed yet, Lily sends a video message to him. She assumes that Max has been killed, and then she proceeds to have Mark kill Mike’s dad on camera. The video’s played for the entire precinct. Lily informs Ryan she has more in store for him.

Well, it looks like there’s a lot more people on the crazy train. This episode almost makes Joe seem like the good guy. I have to say, the past few episodes of The Following have seemed like a cat and mouse game between Ryan and Joe, but this episode takes it to a whole new level. What’s crazy is that even though Lily is a follower of Joe and is pissed at Ryan, she’s not really part of Joe’s cult. She’s in a world of her own.

And speaking of world of their own, this new cult, Corbin, that Joe has brought the girls to — wow. Micah and Julie bring crazy to a whole new level. Not really sure why they have it out for Joe. But I’m pretty confident Joe will figure out a way to stick it to them, just as he did with Lily. It seems like Joe is off his game with seeking out loyal followers. And I really enjoy the conflict. I was worried this season would run out of storyline, but introducing these new crazy characters is just what the series needs to keep us on our toes.

The Following airs Mondays at 9pm on FOX.

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