There was a lot going on within the halls of McKinley High in the previous episode: Santana and Brittany got engaged, Becky has a boyfriend and Coach Beiste shared a very personal secret. Also, Rachel and Kurt were at odds with each other.

While the two have reconciled, Sue Sylvester is about to do some meddling in “The Hurt Locker, Part One” when she tries hypnotizing Sam to make a move on Rachel in order to mess with her mind. Along the way, Rachel will attempt to make a deal with Will Schuester that would undermine Vocal Adrenaline at the Invitational.

Of course, there will be performances connected to all of these storylines. Sue will get a chance to sing once again, Rachel and Sam will duet and Vocal Adrenaline is performing two numbers with lead singer Clint (played by Max George, a member of the boy band The Wanted).

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Check out the song list for the episode (only four songs this week, compared to five for the previous three episodes): Meredith Brooks’ “Bitch,” Vanessa Carlton’s “A Thousand Miles,” The B-52s’ “Rock Lobster” and Devo’s “Whip It.”

Listen to the “Hurt Locker, Part One” songs below:

“Bitch” — Sue Sylvester

“A Thousand Miles” — Rachel and Sam

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“Rock Lobster” — Vocal Adrenaline

“Whip It” — Vocal Adrenaline

Which Glee cover from “The Hurt Locker, Part One” is your favorite? What do you think of Sue’s number? Do you like hearing Rachel and Sam together? And does Vocal Adrenaline sound good with lead singer Clint?

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