On this episode of Glee, Santana asks Brittany a very important question. Meanwhile, Beiste reveals something huge to Sue and Sam and we meet Becky’s boyfriend Darrell.

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Kurt Pines for Blaine

We learned last episode that Kurt and Blaine broke up yet again, and that since their breakup, Blaine and Dave are now together. This is all sorts of heartbreaking to Kurt, since he’s realized he’s in fact still in love with Blaine. Does anyone else have whiplash?

So now, we get a lot of flashbacks of Kurt remembering the good ol’ times with his Warbler ex, interspersed with current scenes of both the old Glee Club members and the newbies performing mash-ups. The theme this episode? Jagged Little Tapestry. 

Alanis vs. Carole

The Jagged Little Tapestry theme is a mash-up itself, combining the titles of two albums: Jagged Little Pill by Alanis Morissette and Tapestry by Carole King. When Rachel and Kurt present the theme to the Gleeks and ask them to pick a partner with a different style to perform with, they clearly clash on teaching styles, and people notice. Luckily, Santana offers to perform with Brittany the next day to give a first example for the newbies.


So what’s become of the couple since they got back together? Well, things seem to be going well, as a cute cuddling scene between the two seems to indicate. Brittany tells Santana, “I will love you until infinity,” which Santana replies to in agreement, and they make plans to live in New York City together.

The two perform a mash-up of “Hand in My Pocket” and “I Feel the Earth Move” to the delighted Glee Club, and afterwards, Santana proposes to Brittany in front of them all. Brittany says yes, and just as everyone is excitedly congratulating them, Kurt pipes up with a killjoy opinion about the two being too young to get married. Projecting much?

Santana lays into Kurt in the hallway later with an epic, classic Santana Lopez tongue-lashing, and she’s clearly not concerned about she and Brittany being too young or about Kurt’s opinion on the matter. Brittany is more kind, talking him through his denial about his relationship with Blaine while they work on a cute gift for Santana. However, she also lets him know that Blaine and Dave are moving in together, which of course upsets him even more.

Becky’s Boyfriend

On this episode of Glee, we are also introduced to Becky’s college boyfriend, Darrell. She’s excited that he’s visiting her, but also nervous because she told him she was the president of every club at school — which, of course, includes Glee Club. She asks Quinn and Tina for help in convincing him at least of her status in the singing group, and they agree to help her so she can perform for him during his visit. 

Everyone’s assumptions are proven incorrect, however, when Becky’s boyfriend turns out to not have Down syndrome like she does. Quinn, Tina and Sue are all taken aback by the revelation, and together, along with a special appearance by Coach Roz, they confront Darrell about his intentions with Becky. 

He is rightfully insulted by them thinking their relationship and any possible physical aspect of it is “gross,” and he tells them off accordingly. He clearly really likes Becky and cares a lot about her, and I’m personally a little in love with him. Hopefully this isn’t a bait-and-switch concocted by the Glee writers and he continues to be a great guy.

But when Quinn, Tina and Becky go before the Glee Club, Darrell, and Sue for Becky’s big number, Becky runs out before she sings, as she’s afraid Darrell will realize she was lying about her participation in the club. Brittany, Santana, Quinn and Tina go after her, and tell her the best thing is to just come clean and be herself with Darrell. And, of course, they all hug afterwards. There’s actually a lot of hugging in this episode.

So, on their date following the failed performance, Becky tells Darrell the truth and he is totally cool about it. He tells her he still likes her anyway, and they continue to be super cute. Yay.

Beiste’s Secret

One of the less focused-on, but no less important, storylines on Glee is about our beloved Coach Beiste. After some of her students notice a change in her behavior, and Spencer goes to Sue claiming he saw his football coach taking drugs, Sue has to confront Beiste.

Sue tells Beiste she found steroids in her desk drawer and did some research, and she draws her own conclusions and asks if Beiste has cancer. Beiste at first says yes, but I suspected it was something else was proven correct. 

Later, when Sue calls Sam, Beiste’s assistant coach, in to have the coach tell him about the affliction, Beiste admits that she’s not taking the steroids because she has cancer, but because she is experiencing gender dysphoria. Basically, Beiste is transitioning to his actual, male gender, and the pills are one step in that process. Out of respect for that, I’ll be using male pronouns for him from now on.

Beiste asks Sam to take over for him while he has a few procedures done to more closely align himself with his true physical self, which Sam agrees. Sue also reassures Beiste that his job will still be there when he returns, and the three hug it out after the emotional conversation. Told you, lots of hugging.

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A Teaching Mash-Up

After another instance of Kurt bringing down the mood following a performance of “Will You Still Love Me Tomorrow?” and “Head Over Feet” by Jane and Mason, Kurt apologizes to Rachel for his behavior. He was more critical of the two where she was more supportive, driving home their different teaching styles (and Kurt’s current buzzkill personality). 

But Rachel lets him know that his harsher critique of the performance might be just what they need to push the team to victory; in fact, Jane and Mason came to her after his criticism and admitted that they watched old videos of the New Directions on YouTube and they too believe they need to be better. They realize they need each other if the New Directions Glee Club has any chance of returning to its’ former glory.

In the end, the whole group does a mash-up of “You Learn” and “You’ve Got a Friend,” ending the episode on a high note. At one point, the old Glee Club and the newbies face each other, but they all still sing together. Hopefully Glee continues to do a good job of integrating the old with the new in this final season.

And that’s what you missed on Glee!

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