Glee is back tonight for the third episode of the sixth and final season. And now that we’ve been introduced to the newbies and new storylines, it’s time for another familiar face to stop by that we didn’t see in the premiere.

Over the years, Sue Sylvester has taken Becky Jackson under her wing, but as viewers have seen, she’s turned out to be just as mean as Sue is — sometimes worse. Will all that change now that she has a special someone in her life?

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FOX has released a clip from the episode, “Jagged Little Tapestry,” in which Becky introduces Sue to her boyfriend. The clip starts with Sue looking through photos of Becky’s head photoshopped onto other people’s bodies; there’s one of her as a model, as an astronaut and a weightlifter, to name a few.

It looks like Becky is doing this to impress her boyfriend. But she feels bad that she’s been lying to him. “All healthy relationships are built on lies,” Sue replies.

Then the moment is here: her boyfriend arrives at McKinley; Becky is excited and Sue seems happy as well. But does Sue’s upbeat attitude last? Check out the clip below:

As you can see, the first shot of all three in the same room shows Sue staring him down, looking concerned. After Sue asks him what his intentions are with Becky today, he responds that the two of them are going to Fuddruckers. He’s very polite during the little time we see of him, so why does Sue have a worried look on her face?

Since she has been very protective of Becky over the years, it’s understandable that she would go into this situation continuing to feel protective. She obviously doesn’t want him to hurt Becky or let her down in any way. But hopefully things will change as Sue is around him more.

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In the photos released for this episode, we see Becky talking with Quinn, Tina, Santana and Brittany. None of them look happy. Is there more to this that we don’t know yet? It would seem like that’s the case. Maybe Sue has asked the girls to talk to Becky about her boyfriend.

The introduction of Becky’s boyfriend isn’t the only storyline we’ll see in “Jagged Little Tapestry.” Rachel and Kurt will struggle as they continue rebuilding the glee club.

And as far as the music goes, all of the songs this week are by Carole King and Alanis Morissette, including “I Feel the Earth Move,” “Will You Still Love Me Tomorrow” and “You’ve Got a Friend.” Three of the five performances are mash-ups.

Are you glad to see that Becky has a boyfriend? Do you think this will turn Becky into a nicer person? And will Sue eventually come around and accept him?

Glee airs Fridays at 9pm on FOX.

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