Ever since Darren Criss joined Glee in the first half of season 2 as Blaine Anderson, he’s been a fan favorite and also, some might say, a heartthrob. But have you ever wanted to meet any of his family members? If so, that wish is about to come true.

According to TVLine, White Collar┬ástar Matt Bomer is finalizing a deal to guest star in an episode of Glee this season. And who would he be playing? None other than Blaine’s older brother.

No information is known about this new character, let alone even what his name is. The only thing we know at the moment is that he will be singing in the upcoming April episode (April is when the Saturday Night Fever tribute will air; could this happen in the same episode?).

While we’re on the subject of meeting his brother, might we also look forward to an appearance by Blaine’s parents? I would assume Kurt has met them, so it only seems fitting that we do as well, don’t you think? Maybe that’ll be left for season 4.

As mentioned, Bomer will sing during his guest appearance. The question then becomes, can he sing? If this video is anything to go by, then the answer is a resounding yes. Take a look at him performing “It Only Takes a Moment” with Kelli O’Hara at the 2010 Kennedy Center Honors.

What do you make of this casting news? Are you excited to be meeting another member of the Anderson family? Or should Glee only be focusing on its core cast right now?

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Jeff Dodge

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