The news we’ve all been waiting to hear for two and a half seasons has finally been announced…the casting of Rachels’s two dads! It has been confirmed that Jeff Goldblum and Brian Stokes Mitchell have been cast as Hiram and LeRoy Berry, and they will be singing.

We’ve seen Goldblum make appearances in many TV shows and movies over the years, including on Law & Order: Criminal Intent. And Mitchell is a Broadway star (Goldblum has also appeared on Broadway), so he should fit in well with Rachel, don’t you think?

BuddyTV reported in December that we would finally meet Rachel’s dads sometime this season. I just never thought it would be this soon. Goldblum and Mitchell will first show up on Glee in the Valentine’s Day episode, “Heart,” which will air on February 14.

Glee fans will likely remember that in the pilot in 2009, we saw a picture of Rachel with her two dads. We’ve always known that the show would most likely re-cast the roles with big name stars, especially to be in line with the show’s history of casting big names in guest starring roles.

All over the web, fans have shared their dream casting. The name that seems to pop up the most is Taye Diggs, who I would love to see in that role. Show creator Ryan Murphy recently said that he tried to cast Elton John as one of Rachel’s dads, but Elton was unavailable. “So many people are interested in playing them,” Murphy told TVGuide. “He is, unfortunately, touring.”

Even though that would have been fantastic casting, maybe it’s for the better. Elton is one of the biggest stars in the world, so he most likely would only be available for one episode. And while Goldblum and Mitchell are famous as well, I think they’d have more availability to make repeat appearances, which could be good for the show and for Rachel’s storyline. Plus, ratings have dropped significantly this season. Maybe a long overdue appearance by Rachel’s dads will help in that department.

Are you excited to finally see Rachel’s dads this season? Is it perfect casting, or do you not think they’re not right for the roles? Even though some fans don’t like the stunt casting that Glee has done over the years, will you let this one slide because of who they’re playing? 

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