Fans of quality TV rejoice! Cougar Town has a return date on ABC.

The long-delayed premiere of Cougar Town season 3 has been scheduled for mid-February. When exactly can fans watch Cougar Town, and what has been removed from ABC’s schedule to make room for it? Keep reading to find out — and to get a glimpse of the Cougar Town season 3 official poster.

According to a report from TVLine, Cougar Town will premiere its third season on Tuesday, February 14 at 8:30pm on ABC (after Tim Allen’s awfully-different-from-Cougar-Town-but-quite-successful Last Man Standing). The show will air its 15-episode season from that point onward.

Watch a 10-minute preview reel of scenes from Cougar Town season 3.

Fans of Cougar Town have long been frustrated with ABC’s refusal to give the show a season 3 start-date. That frustration has been echoed by those involved with the show itself: In addition to launching a multi-city Cougar Town “live tour,” creator Bill Lawrence also managed to crash TV’s major winter press event — the Television Critics Association press tour — with a Cougar Town cocktail party.

Those efforts seem to have paid off.

Once the news of Cougar Town‘s return had slipped out to the media, Bill Lawrence took to one of his favorite mouthpieces — Twitter — to confirm the news. Less than an hour after the news first broke, Lawrence’s @VDOOZER account posted: “Cougar Town is back. Valentine’s day. Big show changing episode. Stay in, watch, and I’ll send you a bottle of wine.”

It’s not likely that Lawrence will follow through with that last promise. Or is it? A few minutes after the first post, @VDOOZER followed up with: “Serious about wine. Trying to obtain a wine sponsor to send out free vino to whoever stays in V-day and watches CT. Stay tuned.”

Anything is possible with Cougar Town.

For those of you keeping track at home, this means that Cougar Town will soon replace the ridiculous mess of the show known as Work It. The cross-dressing “comedy” only managed to air two episodes before ABC unceremoniously pulled it from the schedule last Friday night. Work It of course replaced ABC’s earlier man-centric failure, Man Up!, canceled back in December.

Let’s just hope that Cougar Town has a better fate.

Want more on Cougar Town? We don’t have many more details yet, but we do have the Cougar Town season 3 poster. Check it out below:

Cougar Town season 3 will begin airing on Tuesday, February 14 at 8:30pm on ABC.

Are you looking forward to the return of Cougar Town? Are you sad that Man Up! and Work It were canceled? How do you expect Cougar Town will do in this timeslot? Leave your comments below!

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