Raylan’s Wounds

Raylan has to recover from last finale’s gunshot wound. His aim suffers from it as does his physical dexterity but other than that he is still his handsome charming self. His ambivalent relationship with Boyd, it should be remarked, is quite the same too. After a few words exchanged between the two about some previous-season business, Boyd and the Deputy Marshall get into a rather heated debate about who saved whose life back in last year’s season finale, and who should apologize for what?

In the end, Boyd sends Raylan flying through a glass window right inside the hornet’s nest of the Marshall’s office. Not what I would call a smart move but then again, it’s Boyd. He is almost certainly playing a long game.

Raylan’s Impending Fatherhood

With the baby coming and all, and after having sex for the first time after the shootout, Raylan and Wynona muse about the fact that they might have to find an actual place to stay which means house hunting. Which means, Justified could now turn into a neo-western sit-com about a gunslinging vigilante perusing the housing market and not stopping until he finds justice. Although I can already picture all the fanboys complaining about all this unmanly baby business. But look how cute they are! They might name the baby Felix! Who couldn’t love that storyline?

Raylan’s Dad is Still Up to No Good

Now that Boyd is locked up (in one of the first scenes of the season, no less!) Devil and Raylan’s dad figure they can just seek out a new business partner for their innumerable weed plants. Two problems though: Ava is getting territorial about her beau’s business, and the rather dim bulbs Boyd foolishly associates with bagged all the weed plants wet which means that mildew and fungus has grown inside. And just like that, 120 pounds of premium bud turn into a measly 2000 dollars of cash.Not what I would call a successful illicit business venture. Boyd instructs them to burn the weed. But Devil and Deputy Marshal sr. won’t follow. Until Ava hits Devil over the head with a frying pan.

Raylan’s Antagonists

Justified creator Graham Yost’s infatuation with Neal McDonough continues tonight. After appearing in the Yost created Boomtown and a Yost penned episode of Band of Brothers, we can see him tonight as one of the season’s new villains, until now only referred to as “Carpetbagger.”

Through some ingenious plotting, and by hiding a Derringer in his sleeve, he kills Arnett and his secretary and effectively takes over the Dixie Mafia. But let’s also not forget Nicks who Carpettbagger thinks was apprehended by the police but who, in a foolish attempt to draw a gun quicker than Rayland, is shot by the latter. Not for nothing, but with all the talk at the beginning of the episode about how compromised Rayland’s legendary badassery is because of his gunshot wound – homy is still hella resourceful.

What did you think? Excited about the new villain(s)? Eager to see what Boyd’s plans will be in prison? And how about Wynona’s baby?

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