Glee is gearing up for its third season with new writers and a new character with the winner of The Glee Project, but there will be one big thing missing from season 3: Chord Overstreet.

According to TVLine, the show has decided not to keep Overstreet, who plays lovably trouty-mouthed Sam Evans. While there’s still a possibility of seeing him as an occasional guest star, all signs point to the end of Sam on Glee.

In far less depressing news, Darren Criss (Blaine) and Harry Shum, Jr. (Mike Chang) have been promoted to series regulars, so it’s not like Glee will be completely without cute boys.

Still, the Overstreet news really hurts. I’ve grown incredibly fond of Sam during the season, even when the writers consistently gave him nothing to do. He was a good singer and his character had a lot of potential, especially with the revelation in the finale that he and Mercedes were secretly dating (a storyline that now seems dead before it even began).

I have to blame the writers for dropping the ball on this one, especially after watching Ryan Murphy on The Glee Project. He suggested in last week’s episode that if a character has nothing wrong with them or if they seem too normal, then he can’t write for them and they have no place on the show. That seems to be the case with Sam, because despite being newly poor and living in a hotel (which is just depressing with no comedic potential), he seems like the most normal of all the characters on the show.

With his boyish good looks and habit of taking off his shirt, Overstreet seems better suited for the CW anyway, so hopefully another show will pick him up as soon as possible. I could easily see him as a frat boy on the new season of 90210. Or maybe he’s a movie star who dates Serena on the fifth season of Gossip Girl.

Sure, I’m happy Mike Chang and Blaine will still be around (which also suggests that Blaine is totally transferring to McKinley, because what teenager wouldn’t go from private school to public school?), but without Sam, Glee is losing a strong character who could’ve been a lot more interesting if the writers had spent any time developing him beyond making one-note jokes about the size of his mouth.

The third season of Glee returns Tuesday, September 20 at 8pm on FOX.

Source: TVLine
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