Here’s your BuddyTV High Five: The five big moments and questions from tonight’s episode of Burn Notice, “Bloodlines.”

In government official news, Michael is charged with babysitting some Brit nuclear scientist because his libido is almost as high as his IQ. Fi takes over and lets out her crazy to scare him safe. In renegade unofficial business, Jesse enlists Michael, Fi, and Sam to help with a human trafficking case. This week’s twist on human trafficking (they have done that storyline a lot): Asian gangsters and trafficked girls. Michael ’emotionally manipulates’ his mother, who is undercover as a hostage nurse. Yet, Madeline becomes essential to getting the hostage to talk and Michael has to trust her untrained spy skills. Maddy fakes an escape with the hostage — proving her spy skillz. And Michael asks Fi to move in with him!

High Five Highlights:

5. Michael the Monster: Michael begrudgingly enlists Madeline to play the part of nurse to the injured trafficker. To sell the con to the trafficker, Michael yells at his mother — like scary yelling — and it shakes both of them. It’s an interesting subplot because a) it gives Sharon Glass something to do and b) it reminds us that these two have been intense abuse situations before domestically.

4. Fi’s Joy Ride: Fi fills in for Michael’s babysitting duties for the horny married Brit guy. So naturally, to curb his desires, Fi does what she does best: be crazy. She goes on this eyes-closed joy ride adventure and it scares him straight to his boring wife. Fi: saving marriages since 2011.

3. Apartment Hunting? Michael would be staring off in space when Fi is on the search for a new place. Except Michael actually wants Fi to move in with him! Finally, I have been waiting four seasons for this.

2. Those Title Cards: They swish in and out, pausing the screen. It gives some clarity to sometimes dense plots. But most importantly, I forgot what a sight gag they can be. It’s one of the things I like that make Burn Notice different from other summer spy shows. It presents the show’s weird humor.

1. Maddy the Badass: First of all, did chain smoking become badass again? If so, what an expensive habit that I would not like to indulge in; I think I will stick to my leather jacket. Second, she takes the money from Jesse. Somebody takes money to get paid! This means, capitalism is badass. (Large leap, but Maddy is making me happy this season.) Most importantly, Maddy finally becomes integrated within the team — which I predict could be polarizing for some fans.


– Was it really the right call to make Maddy integrated within the team?

– Do you like the format of official and unofficial business Michael has now? Or is it the same as the last few seasons?

Emily E. Steck
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Emily E. Steck

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