After last week’s intense hour where Brennan got shot, “The Friend in Need” is a welcome change of pace, though not any less tragic or gruesome. This is Bones, after all.

The Possible Suspects

This week’s victim: a high schooler whose remains are found in a suitcase. Manny’s a bit of a loner but was last seen alive at a party that his neighbor/friend, Kat, invited him to. So many people at the party, so many possible suspects. 

There’s the guy who was dancing with Manny’s crush who threw him out after the victim continued to follow the girl around the party. There’s the girl herself too, who had a heated exchange with the victim, saying she wished he were dead.

Kat then reveals that she was raped at the party after being drugged. But she doesn’t know who because of the drug’s effects — could it have been Manny? If so, that widens the list of suspects. Kat’s mother is looking especially guilty because she had told her daughter not to report the rape to the police because if she didn’t know who were victim was, what was the point? Did an enraged mother try to seek justice with her own hands?

Revealing His Past

Kat had gone to see Sweets to reveal her secret — but she did so under the pretense that he wasn’t going to blab, which he ends up doing since well, that’s his job. But in order to gain her trust back, Sweets reveals a part of him.

When he was in foster care, he was beaten, and thought it was his own fault. Seeing someone made him realize that he it wasn’t his fault. And Kat’s rape wasn’t her fault either. He also promises her that they’ll catch the guy who raped her.

In order to deliver that promise, he turns to Angela, who had found a site where everyone at the party had uploaded their photos. This allowed Angela to follow Manny’s movements to find out how he was killed, which was unsuccessful, but perhaps a second time following Kat will lead to something.

Figuring it Out

The photos definitely show Kat being handed a drink by someone who can’t be identified. Then, she’s seen as the drugs start taking effect. Whoever handed her that drink had drugged her. But who?

Meanwhile, it’s figured out how Manny was stuffed in the suitcase, by a strap that can be found at only once place — the site of a moving company where Manny’s “friend” worked. He and Manny were supposed business partners because Manny was the brainiac who could hack phones while the friend, Nick, handled customer relations.

When Nick’s brought into questioning, Sweets knows he’s who raped Kat. She only remembered the victim having a “green eye” and he wore a necklace that was the green eye. He had raped Kat, and then killed Manny when he found out. I saw this coming from a mile away. All the other suspects were a little too obvious.

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Esther Gim

Contributing Writer, BuddyTV