To reconfirm that AshLee and Lindsay are the front-runners for Sean’s heart, ABC posted some bonus videos of their recent dates with Sean. AshLee invites some friends over to grill Sean (as if he didn’t already have enough fun with her parents). Lindsay keeps things a little more low-key, strolling her date through a small town antique shop. As a result, Sean gets Lindsay a sparkly piece of jewelry that just might be a clue to viewers. 

The Bachelor Recap: Traumaculate Hometown Dates 

The Friend Test

In the first clip, Sean, AshLee and her friends sip champagne and wonder about the credibility of reality dating shows like The Bachelor. AshLee asks her pals (or panel of judges) if they have any questions for Sean. One friend wonders why AshLee is so special to Sean, and he gives a bunch of vague answers about how “unique” and loving she is, adding that they’ve connected on many levels that the other contestants couldn’t connect with him on. In other words, there’s just a spark between AshLee and Sean. Fair enough. 

Another friend mentions that she used to be very skeptical of the whole reality TV dating process, but since meeting Sean, she’s changed her mind. The guy (boyfriend? husband?) sitting next to her is still skeptical, smirking and rolling his eyes through this whole staged situation. He looks like he’s holding back a laugh. I like that guy. 

Ring Shopping 

The next scene brings us to one of Lindsay’s many hometowns, where she and Sean do a little antiquing. Lindsay claims she isn’t really in the shopping mood, but she changes her tune when she finds some “little trinkets” locked in a glass case. The clerk presents a diamond ring from the 1800s, which Lindsay tries on and loves. Sean agrees that it’s perfect and buys it for Lindsay. 

“OH-MY-GOD,” Lindsay babbles at the camera. “Men usually give women diamond rings when they’re getting engaged.” Yes, Lindsay, that is usually the custom. There’s something about her voice that makes her sound much younger than her 24 years, and as a result, I sort of wonder if she’s ready to get reality TV engaged. Then again, is anyone ever ready for that? Lindsay is sweet, and Sean does seem pretty smitten with her. Is the diamond ring a clue that Lindsay will be the last bachelorette standing, or is it just a red herring? We’ll find out soon enough! 

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