Project Runway All-Stars kicks off January 5. Here, we refresh our memories about the designers who’ve set their sights on another shot at fashion glory.

Some say that to be a genius is to be crazy, but this designer is just plain weird. Described as eccentric and quirky, Elisa Jimenez and her designs definitely left a mark on her season of Project Runway even though she wasn’t there very long. And her resume says it all. Elisa has worked around the fashion block to earn her spot on this season of All-Stars.

Basic Stats

Age: 48
Hometown: New York, NY
PR Season: Four (2007)
Placement: Tenth

Project Runway History
Before leaving the competition in episode six, Elisa Jimenez quickly earned “odd bird” status after showing the world her designer’s ritual. Instead of using chalk to map out the seams of her creations, she would mark the fabric with her own saliva. Let’s hope “spit marking” didn’t catch on anywhere.

Post-Project Runway
Since ending her run on Project Runway in 2007, Elisa Jimenez has been quite busy working with the likes of Vogue and even creating costumes for High School Musical: The Movie. As for her collections over the years, there is a definite reason why Elisa is known as being eccentric. Her designs have been described as “wearable art,” and her Fall 2008 “polymorphic” collection showcased puppetry. Her aesthetic is a bit hard to explain, so I’ll let her explain it:

Elisa Jimenez on her fashion and art philosophy

A bit all over the place, yet ideas like Elisa’s keep the industry fresh and entertaining, to say the least. Can her wacky ways see her through to the finish line? Watch the premiere of Project Runway: All-Stars January 5 on Lifetime at 9/8c to see.

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