What is extant? According to the very first teaser released a while ago, the word means “still in existence” and “the opposite of extinct.”

But what is Extant the TV show? Previously, there had only been two videos released: the first that defined the word, and the second that was only 30 seconds long and showed Molly Woods as an astronaut who went on a solo mission to space and came back pregnant.

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Before now, it seemed like that was sole focus of the show. But a new trailer released by CBS introduces us to so much more.

As the trailer starts, a doctor tells Molly, played by Oscar winner Halle Berry, “I don’t even know where to begin.” She’s trying to figure out if anybody else was with on this solo mission — she’s dumbfounded that Molly is pregnant. “That’s not possible,” she replies back. But as we know, Molly’s not telling the whole truth because she saw something while up in space: a man, whether real or not, who needed help.

And apparently, she deleted some of the security footage to make sure no one saw what happened. She claims to have accidentally deleted it, but others are not convinced.

That mystery is a show in and of itself, but this new trailer (which clocks in at just under three minutes) adds a whole new element that is sure to add many more dimensions to Extant:¬†Molly’s son, Ethan, is run by some sort of battery or is otherwise mechanical in some way. Check out the full trailer below:

In one scene, Ethan tells his father, “I think I need a flip.” The dad then proceeds to open a cover on his back. This adds so much more mystery and intrigue. It looks as if Ethan is part of an experiment or research study. “The goal of the Humantics Project is to bring humanity to the machine.”

Could having these hybrid human-machines cause humanity to be wiped out completely, to become extinct? Some are worried about that.

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One of the most powerful lines in the trailer regarding Ethan’s storyline is when Molly tells her husband, “He doesn’t love me. He executes a series of commands that you’ve programmed into him. But that’s not love.”

One question I have is, will these two stories converge? With Molly pregnant, will there be any connection to bringing humanity and machines together? There’s so many questions this trailer poses, but we’ll have to wait until July to watch it all unfold.

The sci-fi drama also stars Camryn Manheim, Hiroyuki Sanada, Grace Gummer, Michael O’Neill, Annie Wersching, Sergio Harford, Tessa Ferrer and Tyler Hilton.

What do you think of the new trailer? Does the mechanical son storyline have you more excited and intrigued to watch Extant? Or does it not interest you?

Extant premieres Wednesday, July 9 at 9pm on CBS.

(Image and video courtesy of CBS)

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