This week on Fringe, Olivia, Peter and Walter find themselves trapped in a town that’s being ripped apart by and unknown phenomenon, and Olivia isn’t feeling like herself.

Magnets are Science

Olivia dreams of her and Peter together, and is woken up by a call from Peter asking for help. Walter and Peter have been working on creating a a device that will allow Peter to interface with the machine and they need Olivia to ask Broyles for access to the machine so they can test their device. Meanwhile, in Vermont, a group of cars stop working in the middle of the road, and when the passengers get out they see a plane crashing. Walter joins Olivia and Peter at the scene where they find that the electromagnetic field has been disturbed. While Broyles is getting evidence Walter needs from the plane crash, Walter, Olivia and Peter go into the nearest town, Westfield, so Walter can get some pie.

The Crazies

At the local diner, the cook at the counter tries to kill Walter, while Peter finds a man named Cliff stabbed and bleeding in the walk-in cooler. After Olivia shoots the cook, Olivia, Peter and Walter try to get the injured man to a hospital, but find themselves trapped in Westfield. Every time they drive out of town, they find themselves driving back into town. At the Westfield Sheriff’s Department, Walter tries to save Cliff by giving him a blood transfusion. Cliff tells them three nights prior, the town started going crazy, displaying signs of Schizophrenia and having memories of other people’s lives. Olivia suggests that the military may be responsible, like in a previous case they worked, but Peter points out that the case was from his timeline.


The group arms up and heads for the school where the rest of the survivors a hiding, but on the way, Olivia starts displaying more symptoms, and she fears that what’s happening to everyone else in town is happening to her. At the school, Walter examines one of the victims and finds that she has two sets of teeth. Walter notes that the cook at the diner had two irises in each eye and theorizes that some sort of rapid mitosis is happening. The woman seems to be remembering two separate lives, one where her husband died and one where he lived. Cliff tells Olivia that he was supposed to have left town after he was offered a position in Philadelphia, and Walter figures out that the two universes are merging in Westfield, including the people, who are merging with their doppelgangers. Walter thinks that anyone who’s doppelganger is not in Westfield should be fine, and after testing Olivia’s blood, thinks she’s okay.

Getting Out

With Peter’s encouragement, Walter theorizes that the center of the disturbance will be the only safe place when the town eventually collapses in on itself. The remaining survivors head for the eye of the storm, a bike shop, and hide while the town disappears around them. When it’s all over, Broyles finds devices around town that they think David Robert Jones planted, using Westfield as a test run for a larger scale attack. Later, back in Boston, Peter stops by Olivia’s apartment and it seems that she has the memories of Peter’s Olivia, despite Walter having said she wasn’t affected by the phenomenon in Westfield.

With Olivia having Real-Olivia’s memories things will definitely get complicated. Could this have anything to do with what Nina Sharp has been up to, or is it all just a coincidence that she remembers right as Peter is getting closer to being able to leave? What do you think?

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