In this episode of Frequency, “Negative Copy,” Frank’s plans to kill Joe Hurley hit several snags (and he begins to question if he should follow through), Raimy faces the consequences for her actions and a decision by Frank changes the course of Raimy’s life once again.

Raimy gets the satisfaction of shooting and killing the Nightingale Killer, convinced that there will be no repercussions since Frank murders Joe Hurley in 1996. But Frank runs into a bit of trouble when his car gets sideswiped by a drunk driver, and Hurley is able to escape from the trunk.

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Repercussions for Raimy, and Frank Confides in Julie

While every cop in the city, including Satch, thinks Raimy is a hero, she’s still accountable for dispensing vigilante justice. Internal Affairs is going to conduct an investigation, and Satch takes her badge until the issue is resolved.

Frank arrives home with a smashed car, bleeding from his forehead. This prompts Julie to ask some questions, and Frank decides to confess that he had kidnapped Hurley, thrown him in the trunk and planned to kill him. Julie freaks out, but Frank insists he had no choice. Nobody knows Hurley is the Nightingale, and Frank’s got no evidence to back it up. Frank already tried to tell her about the radio and Raimy, and that was a bust. So all he can say to Julie is that the Nightingale knows who she is and he’s not going to stop, and killing the Nightingale is the only way to ensure her safety. He gives her a gun as back-up, and while it’s obvious that Julie has some doubts, she takes it anyway.

Raimy is finally able to talk to Frank and admits that she shot the Nightingale, even though he tried to surrender. Frank, who is used to operating outside the law when necessary, asks if his daughter at least covered her tracks, and she confesses that there were witnesses. Raimy questions what happened on Frank’s end to screw up the plan, and he tells her about the accident. He’s also wondering if what they’re doing is the right thing since it hasn’t been working out for them so far. Raimy insists there’s no turning back because it’s just not Julie’s life on the line anymore.

Frank returns to Deacon Joe’s house, but whatever he has planned is interrupted by a visit from a friend of Joe’s from the church, Patty. She gives Joe a heads-up that some money was stolen, and he’s the prime suspect. The pastor plans to call the police and have them search Hurley’s house. He swears he’s innocent, and she believes him, so he invites her in for some tea. Frank has no choice but to flee.

Raimy Gets a Do-Over

Raimy gets a visit from Gordon Haas Sr. (Gordo’s dad), who has chosen to represent Raimy. He brings her to the police station, and it appears that she’s about to be arrested. But when Raimy steps out of the elevator, she’s met by Satch, who says he just questioned Joe Hurley about the thing in Arizona with the checks. Raimy’s lawyer has vanished, and she’s still got her shield.

Raimy spots Hurley on his way out, and Raimy insists that Satch can’t let him leave, but the guy checks out, and they’ve got no cause to hold him. Raimy mentions the body of Hurley’s wife in the closet, but Satch has no idea what she’s talking about. A desperate Raimy draws her gun and screams at Hurley to get down on the ground. She swears to Satch that Hurley is the Nightingale and that, if they search his house, they’ll find Christa’s body.

When they go to Hurley’s, nothing is as Raimy remembers it, and there’s zero evidence of foul play.

Frank is dealing with covering his tracks. The drunk guy showed up at an emergency room after the accident and reported the car that he hit, a Crown Vic with flashing red lights behind the grill. All the precincts are accounting for their cars, especially since the man says he saw someone crawl out of the trunk after the crash.

Things get even worse when Deacon Joe is brought into the station. Frank learns that Hurley is being questioned for robbing the same church that the mayor goes to. They don’t have enough to arrest him, but the pressure is on. They are keeping him in custody while they try to build a case.

Frank and Raimy compare notes and figure out that the reason there’s no body in the closet is because of Frank. When Frank stole the money to set up Hurley’s disappearance, he couldn’t keep the body there with the police sniffing around. No body, no manhunt, and Raimy never killed him. So even though everything has changed, Frank thinks it’s possible Hurley still has Meghan up at the cabin. And if he does, Raimy has no doubt that Hurley will think Meghan is the reason that Raimy thinks he had his wife’s body in the closet.

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Satch Suspects Frank

Frank’s sketchy explanations over the whereabouts of his car and his overall caginess prompt Satch to drop by and talk to Julie. He asks if Frank has discussed any cases he’s been working on, and Julie says the Nightingale, but that’s all she knows. Satch continues to push, wanting to know what Frank was up to the night before last. Julie tries to cover Frank’s tracks, telling Satch that they rented a movie. He asks to take a look in the garage. Julie chews Satch out for not only selling Frank out to Moreno but also for snooping around like Frank’s got something to hide. But she tells him he’s free to check the garage.

Frank arrives home and is surprised to see his partner. Frank gets defensive when Satch brings up that the car still hasn’t been accounted for. Julie tells Frank to just let Satch take a look. It’s obvious she got the car fixed to save his ass. Satch has no choice but to say he misread things after seeing the cut on Frank’s head. He apologizes for doubting Frank. Julie got her cousin in Jersey to do the repairs, but until Frank’s Crown Vic was ready, she found another to take its place.

The reprieve is temporary. Later, at the station, Satch tricks Frank into contradicting Julie’s alibi. Satch swears he’s on Frank’s side, and he knows his friend is on to something, and Satch is worried that he’s trying to take it too far. Satch knows he let Frank down by tipping off Moreno, but he wants to make things right. Frank says that if Satch really wants to prove himself, he needs to come clean about what Moreno has on him. Why else would Satch have Moreno’s back? There’s no way Frank can trust Satch until he knows how deep things go between his partner and Moreno. All Satch will say is that it goes deep.

Moreno and Satch were working together when they were both patrolmen. They answered a domestic disturbance call. When they arrived, they found a boy not breathing and a pregnant woman severely beaten. The husband took off, and Satch chased him up to the roof where they fought. Satch pushed the guy, and he fell to his death. Moreno had Satch’s back. It was self-defense, and Moreno convinced Satch not to take any chances and ruin his life over some dirtbag.

To this day, Satch still regrets killing the man. Satch warns Frank that it never washes off, so whatever Frank is dealing with, it’s not worth risking everything he has.  

Frank Improvises and Raimy Looks for Meghan

Satch isn’t the only one who doesn’t want Frank to do something he’ll regret. Julie worries that Frank will cease to be the man she fell in love with. She’s also concerned that he’ll get caught and what that would do to Raimy. Julie urges Frank to make the right choice and then come home to his family.

Hurley does have Meghan at the cabin, and he’s determined to punish her for “telling stories.” The guy is obviously a nut job. He fancies himself as some sort of savior and says he’s delivered too many good works for Meghan to put at risk again. But the really interesting thing is that he mentions Meghan’s brother, Robbie. Hurley says Robbie understood him, but he was weak. Robbie filled Meghan’s head with lies. Hurley also denies killing Robbie, telling Meghan that Robbie ran away.

Back in 1996, Hurley is released, and Frank waits for the man outside his house. No sooner does Hurley arrive than several cop cars pull in behind him. Hurley is led back out in handcuffs. Frank planted the money at Hurley’s and called in an anonymous tip.

Raimy arrives at the cabin and doesn’t find anyone inside. She hears a woman screaming and heads into the woods. She finds Meghan crying, and she’s not alone. Meghan tells Raimy that the man with her is bleeding, and he’s her brother.

Is Robbie the real Nightingale? Could Robbie and Joe be working together? Let us know what you think in the comments section below.

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