On this episode of Frequency, “Break, Break, Break,” a woman from Frank’s past further fractures his relationship with Julie while Satch, hit hard by the death of Amanda Baldwin, begins to question his life choices and Raimy discovers a new lead that sheds a whole new light on the Nightingale’s motives.

Raimy is given some bad news by Stan Moreno. Satch has decided to retire, and Moreno will be looking after the Nightingale task force until a replacement is found. This means that Raimy will be reporting directly to the dirty cop.

Frank and Satch Make Life-Changing Decisions

Back in 1996, Satch’s career is on the fast track. He’s high off the prevented abduction of Amanda Baldwin, and he’s about to be promoted to sergeant. He’s also got a loving wife and two kids at home.

Frank gets a break in the Nightingale case. The Crime Scene Unit (CSU) managed to pull a VIN number off the burned engine block of the Nightingale’s truck. It’s registered to a man named Earl Bradley. He never reported the truck missing. Satch argues it couldn’t be that easy, and Frank says there’s only one way to find out.

They go to question Bradley who admits he owns the truck, but he keeps it at a cabin upstate in the Catskills, and he hasn’t been there in over two years. He’s not aware of anyone having access to the cabin. In fact, he’s been trying to sell it.

Raimy looks at the picture the Nightingale left of her family at Amanda Baldwin’s crime scene. It was taken the day that Frank made detective. Frank had failed to tell Jules that the promotion meant he’d be going undercover for narcotics. He didn’t see the downside, thinking only of how this would become a stepping stone for bigger and better things for his and his family. He swore to Jules he’d be under for just a few months, promising to be home by Christmas.

Frank tells Raimy they got a break on the truck, and he and Satch are heading up there to check it out. Raimy volunteers to check through the files and see if there were any Catskills connections that were overlooked. Raimy also breaks the news to Frank about the photo in his wallet winding up in Amanda’s hands after the Nightingale slit her throat. Raimy questions what it means, and Frank warns her not to let the killer get in her head, especially since there’s a chance it doesn’t mean anything. But he doesn’t believe that and neither does Raimy. She wonders why the Nightingale didn’t just kill Frank when he had the chance. Raimy wonders how they can catch up to a man who is always one step ahead.

Raimy goes to see Satch to confront him about his decision to retire. This latest setback in the Nightingale case is taking its toll, and Satch seems to be wondering if all the personal sacrifices he’s made throughout his career have been worth it.

Raimy does not want Satch to leave her to work with Stan Moreno. Satch doesn’t get Raimy’s issues with Stan, and she doesn’t understand why he constantly defends him. Satch points out that no matter what Raimy thinks of Moreno doesn’t change the fact that he gets results, unlike him. Raimy pushes, determined to not let Moreno prove his theory that she’s burning out. She wants to go back through every file, especially since Satch has told her the answers are always in the files. Satch leads her out to the small guesthouse out pack which is crammed full of Nightingale files and pictures. He tells her that everything she needs is right there.

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Julie Learns the Truth

Frank and Satch discover that Bradley’s truck was stolen. The nearest neighbor is a mile away and never saw anything, and the local police don’t know anything either. None of the victims have a connection to the area. They did pull a few partial prints, hoping to get lucky, but they aren’t optimistic.

A woman show’s up at Julie’s looking for Frank. She’s the same woman in the pictures that mysteriously made their way into Julie’s mailbox. Her name is Miracella, and her brother Ricky was friends with Frank while he was undercover. Frank told her to come find him if she ever got into trouble. Julie lets her in and wants to get the police detail from out front, but Miracella pleads with her not to, stating it’s the police she’s trying to avoid.

Miracella has some minor cuts and bruises, and Julie patches her up. Miracella looks at the family pictures on the walls and tells Julie that Frank never told her about Raimy or Jules.

Frank arrives to find Julie waiting for him alone. She tells him that she wore her wedding ring the entire time he was undercover and then tells him she’s a fool. Frank has to suspect where this is going, but he still tries to play it off. Julie reminds Frank that she asked him to never bring the job home, and he swears he didn’t. But Julie says she showed up today on the back porch bleeding. Frank asks who, but one look at Julie, and it’s obvious he’s caught. He has no choice but to confirm her worst fears about Miracella.

Julie had accepted the possibility of losing Frank to the job, but this is something different. Frank tries to explain that this was all part of the time. Going undercover isn’t just something you do, it’s a war. Julie points out that it was Frank’s choice to go; each step of the way Frank made choices. He apologizes, admitting he should have told her, but Julie made choices too. She called him when he was still undercover and told him not to come home. She’s moved on. Julie won’t apologize for doing so, especially now that she knows Frank slept with someone else.

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A Cold Case Heats Up

Raimy finds information on a cold case involving a woman named Larissa Abbott whose partial remains were found in the Catskills. Her brother reported her missing in in 1994. Seven years later a homeowner was expanding his property and found the remains. The Nightingale task force followed up and confirmed her identity.

Satch argues they didn’t think she fit the profile. Larissa wasn’t a nurse, and there were no rosary beads. Raimy says they found Larissa’s lower arm bones but not the rest of her. Most of the bones were scattered and dragged away, but the forearms were found together. She’s thinking they were found together because at one time they were bound together. Larissa’s brother lives in the city, and Raimy has asked him to come in and invites Satch along.

Julie dropped Miracella at Satch’s, and Frank has to deal with one pissed off partner. Having Miracella there could put Satch’s family at risk as well as his career and Frank’s. He urges Frank to put this all behind him before it’s too late.

Frank Confronts His Past and Moreno

Frank finds Miracella in the guest house. He may be angry she went to his home and talked to his wife, but Miracella is upset that Frank lied to her for two years. He points out that he tipped her off to the bust, essentially saving her life. But Miracella can’t get past Frank’s omission that he was a cop. Frank admits she’s right and becomes a bit more empathetic. He wants to know what’s happened to her. After Frank’s big departure, she had to make money to survive. She knew where Ricky kept his stash. Ricky’s buddy offered to buy her out, and she’d have enough money to get out of New York and start a new life.

Some other guys showed up, and she ran, leaving Ricky’s friend’s dead body in an alley. Frank wants to know who these guys were, but Miracella is afraid to talk. She heard how Stan set him up and killed Ricky and Little Jay, even though Stan worked with both of them. Moreno is getting rid of anyone who knows he’s dirty, so Miracella isn’t saying anything. All she wants from Frank is a way out. Frank offers her a place to stay and promises to help her but makes it clear they can’t be together.

Frank corners Moreno in the elevator at work and warns him that if he ever goes near Julie again, Frank will kill him. He also assures him that Miracella won’t be a problem anymore, so Moreno can call his dogs off. Frank has taken care of it. Moreno accuses Frank of taking better care of some drug-dealing piece of tail better than his own wife. Frank loses his temper and punches Moreno. Frank lets Moreno know that he knows what he is, and that he set him up. Moreno points out it’s his word against his. Frank’s a lone wolf, and outliers make people nervous. Frank says if that’s the case then Moreno has nothing to worry about.

I Know What You Did Last Summer

Satch and Raimy interview Larissa’s brother. Before she disappeared, she was dating a guy named Mateo Rivera. The whole town thought he did it except for Larissa’s brother. He looked up to Mateo because he was the first guy who could handle his complicated sister. She needed to feel needed or wanted. She’d get depressed sometimes.

Larissa and Mateo had been planning a cross-country road trip in the summer of 1990, but Larissa got a second job, and things went downhill between the couple. This second job was working as an art teacher at a youth camp in the Catskills, but it turns out she also moonlighted as a nurse.

Satch and Raimy do some digging into the camp. Hideaway Mountain was a Christian youth camp that was opened in 1959 and filed for bankruptcy in 1992, the last summer Larissa worked there. The owners are deceased. The local sheriffs recall they just locked up and walked away.

Satch can’t figure out how the nurse thing slipped past them during the original investigation, and Raimy blames it on Larissa’s employment records. She was only first aid and CPR certified, so she was basically slapping Band-Aids on kids’ knees. This was the only place Larissa worked as a nurse which means she crossed paths with the Nightingale there at some point.

Raimy and Satch drive up to investigate Camp Hideaway, and one of the first things they see is a religious statue holding rosary beads.

They poke around the camp and discover evidence (zip ties and food wrappers) that confirm something went down at the camp, and the Nightingale’s first victim was most likely Larissa. She worked at the camp until it went bankrupt, and two years later, she was reported missing — the Nightingale met her at the camp and later held her there. He was definitely familiar with the place and knew it had shut down.

Raimy scanned drawing from the infirmary and one of them is titled “The Art of Dying.” It’s a Medieval text that describes the “prayers and rituals for a good death.”  Raimy believes that in the killer’s mind, he’s saving these women.

Frank returns to Satch’s to find Miracella gone. He also doesn’t know that the revelation he cheated on Julie led her right into Ted’s bed.

Later, Frank tells Raimy about Miracella. He explains that at first she was just part of the life but then she became his life. Raimy and Julie were just a dream that he couldn’t get back to. He wants Raimy to know that Miracella was never the reason he stayed gone for so long. For him, it was always about the job. She believes him, but tells Frank he has to convince Julie.

Both father and daughter are traveling down the same path at the same time. First the job is what you do, but eventually, it’s who you are. Raimy wants to believe it’s not the job that defines you but rather it’s who you are that makes you choose the job. But what if what they are costs them everything they cherish most?

Will this lead just be another dead end? Was Frank stupid to confront Moreno? Is there still hope for Frank and Julie to reconcile. Let us know what you think in the comments section below.

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