Lisa Edelstein threw House fans a curveball when she suddenly announced that she was leaving the show, but it didn’t take long for her to find a new gig. According to TVLine, Edelstein has joined the cast of the Emmy-winning CBS drama The Good Wife for a recurring role as a smart and sexy lawyer who has a past with Will Gardner (Josh Charles).

Little else is known about the role, but with multiple episodes, it’s likely that Edelstein’s character will cause problems for Will and Alicia, who were finally able to get the timing right as a couple in the season 2 finale.

It’s also very good news for fans of Aaron Sorkin’s short-lived comedy Sports Night, where Edelstein and Charles worked together before. On Sports Night, Edelstein played substitute sports anchor Bobbi Bernstein who insisted she had a one-night stand with Dan Rydell (Charles). He denied it and claimed she was crazy, but eventually learned she used to look completely different and that he did sleep with her and never called her.

As an obsessive Sports Night junkie, getting the opportunity to see Charles and Edelstein work together again makes me incredibly happy and I only hope that, no matter how vague or obscure, The Good Wife acknowledges this past.

It won’t be the first time The Good Wife has had a tangential Sports Night connection. In a memorable season 2 episode, Will battled a movie studio over a film about a Facebook-like social networking site and interviewed the film’s screenwriter, a Sorkin-esque wordsmith.

The Good Wife returns for its third season this fall, now on Sunday nights at 9pm where, in keeping with the Sports Night references, it will compete against Desperate Housewives, which stars Sports Night‘s Felicity Huffman and Brenda Strong.

Source: TVLine

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