For Advertising Purposes, 'Grey's Anatomy' May Well be Colored GreenWhen primetime heavyweights return to the boob tube this fall, they won’t just be fighting for who gets to reel in the most number of viewers.  Behind the ratings war, television shows will also be jostling for the right to earn top advertising dollars.

In network TV, the battle for who gets to command steeper advertising rates is equally important as the race to grab the largest chunk of viewer patronage.  During last Thursday’s second year of stiff competition between CBS’ CSI and ABC’s Grey’s Anatomy, the fourth-year medical series proved that Grey is the color of money.

Although CSI edged Grey’s Anatomy in overall audience numbers with 25.2 million viewers versus Grey’s 20.9 million, Grey’s Anatomy trumps its forensic crime drama rival by a long shot when it comes to charging for advertising.  Grey’s commands $419,000 for every 30-seconder ad that airs during its broadcast.  On the other hand, CSI charges $248,000 per 30-second spot of commercial airtime.

According to Advertising Age’s annual survey of media buyers, Grey’s Anatomy’s steep commercial rate makes it the most expensive show this season.  This year’s Grey’s advertising rate surpasses last year’s highest-charging show, Desperate Housewives, which sold 30-second spots for $394,000.  This year, the show’s rate fell markedly by 31 percent due to its equally declining ratings.  Now down to $270,000 for every 30-seconder ad, Desperate Housewives has been relegated to fourth place in the list of shows with the steepest commercial asking price.

Following Grey’s Anatomy on this year’s top chargers for ad placements is NBC’s Sunday Night Football with an asking figure of $358,000.  Next in line is The Simpsons which charges $315,000, Heroes makes it to number four with $296,000, Desperate Housewives is fifth and CSI comes in at sixth with its $248,000.  Grey’s Anatomy spin-off, Private Practice appears to be raking in residual commercial appeal, making the list on its maiden season as the most expensive newcomer.  Private Practice lands at ninth place along with Survivor, with a standard rate of $208,000.

-Rosario Santiago, BuddyTV Staff Columnist
Source: Advertising Age
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