On tonight’s episode of America’s Next Top Model, tensions erupt in the house when Dominique doesn’t show respect for the other girls in the house. She lets her alarm go off repeatedly early in the morning and does not shut it off. This causes Claire to lose her cool and team up with Whitney and Lauren to gang up on Dominique. The majority of the models want to see her leave, saying that she doesn’t treat others well and brings a negative energy into the house.

Read on to find out if the girls got their wish and if Dominique was the one to leave tonight on America’s Next Top Model.

Tyra surprises the girls by picking them up in a limo and bringing them to a dance studio to work on their walks. Apparently, Miss J felt like she wasn’t getting through to them and stuck them with Tyra. It was quite a lesson! She taught the girls how to pose through pain: posing as if they sprained their ankles, as if they slammed their fingers in a door, and even as if they had menstrual cramps. Later, they find out that it was actually a challenge. Tyra picked Anya as the winner and she received a 1-on-1 nude photo shoot with Nigel for her prize.

For their photo shoot, each model portrayed a different style of music. Claire, typically a strong model, struggled with connecting to her country music look. Aimee had a difficult time with the sensual aspect of her R&B character. Fatima and Stacy Ann worried more about posing than looking natural. Strong performances were given by Dominique, Whitney, and Katarzyna.

At panel, Katarzyna was told by the judges that it was her best photo.  At the opposite end of the spectrum was Claire, who had her worst photo to date.  The judges were particularly hard on the models but a few managed to squeak by with good feedback, such as Fatima, Dominique, and Whitney.  Tyra calls Whitney first followed by Katarzyna, Fatima, Lauren, Anya, Dominique, and Stacy Ann. Claire and Aimee are left in the bottom two but Tyra sees more potential in Claire. 

Aimee will talk to BuddyTV tomorrow in an exclusive interview.  Don’t miss out on hearing what she has to say!

Next week on Top Model, the girls head out on go sees in New York.  Lauren loses her cool with Fatima.

– Gina Scarpa, BuddyTV Staff Writer

Gina Scarpa

Staff Writer, BuddyTV