Chances are that if you know Summer Heights High, you love Summer Heights High. At least, that’s how it works among everyone I’ve ever talked to about the Australian mockumentary series that aired on HBO in 2008. It was only around for one season, but what a weird, wacky, wonderful season it was. Chris Lilley acted as three different characters — a dumb, Tongan jock named Jonah, a prissy, privileged teen girl named Ja’mie, and a flamboyant, self-obsessed Performing Arts teacher, Mr. G — and he also wrote the show, which I (and others, I’m sure) would argue is one of the most hilarious high school parodies ever made. Summer Heights High: If you haven’t watched it … fix that.

Now we’re getting our first look at Lilley’s new series, Angry Boys, which, in the same vein as Summer Heights High, stars Lilley as a variety of characters, including “a pair of co-dependent brothers, a former surfing great, an untalented rapper, a prison guard grandma and an overprotective Asian mother.” Check it out:

No premiere date has yet been set for Angry Boys (probably this summer), but HBO has longer descriptions and photos for the characters on their site, which include two characters (Daniel and Nathan, the brothers) from Lilley’s previous series, We Can Be Heroes, which never aired in the U.S.

Slash Film reports that Angry Boys shot for seven months and was then edited for a year. I can’t wait to see the finished product. Welcome back, Chris Lilley!

(Image courtesy of HBO)