Kristen Bell’s post-Veronica Mars life was a hot topic of conversation in the TV news world for a while.  First was the seemingly easy sell of a recurring role on Lost, and the subsequent shocking ‘what was she thinking’ turn down of that cherry position, then the ‘oh, that’s what she was thinking’ moment when it was announced she would be joining the cast of Heroes as a character with possibly ambulant allegiances. The question of when she will appear on Heroes was answered a while back – it’s in two weeks, the fifth episode of the season titled “Fight or Flight” – was followed by what she will look like, and we have the surprising answer after the link.

Ta-da.  She looks like…Veronica Mars.  The Heroes crew definitely decided against making any major deviations from her pixie-like charm.  None of the array of scars, or raven black hair with shocking blue-eyed comic stereotypes.  Just plain old can’t-help-but-smile-when-you-look-at-her Kristen Bell.  All she needs is a digital camera with a really long lens hanging around her neck and it would be like nothing has changed.  But, I have a feeling that concept will be dashed when we see the svelte one in action.

Bell’s character, Elle, has not been fully exposed to fans at this point.  She may be good, she may be evil, but the barest of indications is that she is definitely a force to reckon with.  At one point there was some talk from the Heroes camp that Bell would fill the role of an in-development character who would be someone that had been aware of their powers far longer than most of the heroes we have met up until this point.

Of course, the rumor mill has Bell playing the mysterious assassin that has been knocking off the consortium.  Still more speculation has Bell being a façade for the insidious “Boogie Man.”   Of course, it’s all bunk until we see it on the screen.  So until then, take solace in the fact that we get to see Bell’s devilish grin in a forum more befitting her talents.

– Jon Lachonis, BuddyTV Senior Writer
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